Thursday, February 25, 2010


is all about how wild 
I can be,
what all I can fantacize
I want to make it a reality
I want to fly when I desire
and get what I admire
I want to float on cloud 9
kiss someone who is not mine
show a frown when I don't like somebody
want to get lost and become nobody
wish to start and reach where I want to go
and hide and cry loud when I am bit low
I want to hover and play with the dew
and be a tigress which i know are very few
to enjoy the wilderness which is inside me
I have to go insane otherwise I can never be FREE


I read somewhere that
marriages are made in heaven!
heaven ? where is it exactly
does it exists?
who knows! does anyone?
My search begins with some unknown feel
to find that place where I can kneal
to sign that pact
which can justify this fact
the connections which are devine
have their existence somewhere
where? I think right up there
false but still seems true
can anyone admire a rose which
is a kind of BLUE?
flowing with the time
following the written phrases
we entangle ourselves in the knots
which strangulate our life's beautiful phases
I need to go on and on
so that I can convince some one
to Follow On
to find the reality, to find the trace
so that i can say that
marriage is heavenly,which



You know yesterday I dreamt of ''SAND'',
so bright ,so respledent with charms,so lustrous,so emitting
I felt like to cease to exist then and there,
the defiant looks,the cooling touch
made my body twitch
I put a question!can I be your part
and the reply was no baby it's not the right moment
but yes we will never depart
Live little more
crush me little more
hold me in your arms
give your hand in my palms

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

5.MY LIFE (a journey through pain)

When I was young, I dreamt of all the rosy things and desired all the unachieveable,made a world that never exists in reality and which I had never seen and may be I never wanted to see.Every dream of mine was so fragile that I was scared in my heart of hearts to see any single one of them breaking and transforming into an ash at that particular moment,so made a COCOON around me which was I can say a bit fake.Don't ever say that you told me the same for heaven's sake


where is it ?
where is it?
where is it??
where is it?

Monday, February 22, 2010

My Grand Maa ,my reality

She has wrinkles, she has loose skin
She has smile that makes my eyes twinkle
She comes in my dreams.She is my sweet cream
She is none other
She is my Grand Mother


Trivial mistake

In my dreams far beyond

I looked into the eyes of someone long back

Imagined the love and true bond

That can bring my life on the track

Never knowing that desires are locking

And somehow I started smoking.

my identity

Words of A loner

In the midnight,when I opened my eyes
there was an angel who took care of my cries
She caressed me,hugged me, gave me the first breath of my life!
which when I sensed gave me a nostalgic vibe.


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