Thursday, February 25, 2010


I read somewhere that
marriages are made in heaven!
heaven ? where is it exactly
does it exists?
who knows! does anyone?
My search begins with some unknown feel
to find that place where I can kneal
to sign that pact
which can justify this fact
the connections which are devine
have their existence somewhere
where? I think right up there
false but still seems true
can anyone admire a rose which
is a kind of BLUE?
flowing with the time
following the written phrases
we entangle ourselves in the knots
which strangulate our life's beautiful phases
I need to go on and on
so that I can convince some one
to Follow On
to find the reality, to find the trace
so that i can say that
marriage is heavenly,which

1 comment:

  1. Marriage is a fact of life.A necessity.A God's gift.We should accept.When we accept by heart,journey begins.Ups and downs are there but nature desires so.Does the other living beings and plants complain.We are creatures of God.He desires us to continue our progeny.Accept the life as it is.It is all predestined.



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