Thursday, February 25, 2010


is all about how wild 
I can be,
what all I can fantacize
I want to make it a reality
I want to fly when I desire
and get what I admire
I want to float on cloud 9
kiss someone who is not mine
show a frown when I don't like somebody
want to get lost and become nobody
wish to start and reach where I want to go
and hide and cry loud when I am bit low
I want to hover and play with the dew
and be a tigress which i know are very few
to enjoy the wilderness which is inside me
I have to go insane otherwise I can never be FREE


  1. don't know why this post is not showing my comments which i posted last time..
    well..u should repent tht u lost the opportunity to take sachin's autograph..u know he is not just my most fvrt player but the most admired person for me too.. he is greatness is not limited to just cricket, but beyond this game he can be role model for any person who wan't to be successful and nice human being at the same ( though such a difficult thing to do )

  2. Very touching.Beyond imagination.

  3. I too has got untamed desire.Would u like to b my friend?



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