Monday, February 22, 2010


Trivial mistake

In my dreams far beyond

I looked into the eyes of someone long back

Imagined the love and true bond

That can bring my life on the track

Never knowing that desires are locking

And somehow I started smoking.

I remember the joy ,I can announce my pleasure

Which was long back and I really can’t measure

But the destiny turned

And the life got churned

Making me feel alone

and again I became unknown

From myself and my soul

with not even a single goal

so with all the ifs and buts

I took the help of butts

First tried for fun

Then lost my heart in long run

Today I feel pleasure

Making circles and rings

That momentary solace that

Smoking brings

Now I am bound to this friend of mine

People say that leave it this is not fine

But I feel it was beside me when  i was doomed

And somehow holding it made me bloomed

Now it will always be my friend 

Till the time I die

I will keep my promise and the trend

This is no lie.


  1. I always wonder and ask this question zillion times to myself, whether smoking really saves us from pain and trauma, we often go through in our confused and disorderly lives......but yesss i agree, 'if i do smoke, i suffer for less time'.

    Sometimes, wisdom lies beneath the greatest insane with that hope, i wish one day happiness will find you amidst the clouds and rings of smoke and you will bid your 'friend' ,with a smile and tearful eyes ,clearly and distinctly, displaying the tinge of colorful future :)


  2. Sticks have always made lives easier...
    Walking sticks, chopsticks, lipsticks, drumsticks,.....gluesticks...AND the tobbacco sticks!

    Somehow, when you smoke, you're burning down something, storing something in your breath, and letting go something free...
    ...your'e watching something fill up the space around you, have it running all over your head, and have a presence that puts you at ease...
    Metaphorize the more real world into this stick, and you're already doing it all here...
    But with the only difference that.... you're doing it at your will!

    So, why NOT stick to the sticks?

    (P.S. Keep matchsticks!)

  3. smoking a blunt rolling a joint
    doing this shit is what i enjoy
    my legs are dead my body is numbed
    it free's my spirit opens my mind
    it leaves my worry's, depression, and problems behind
    i feel like a butterfly because i feel like I'm free
    what can i say i love smoking weed

    - Jay, BANG-A-Lore

  4. uff tell you one thing yvni, this google is crap..just dont have enough quotes for me to cut and paste!! i have know..make my fingers work just like you do while holding the stick....i dont smoke and i always felt whats the need of it because at the end of day its just all gone in air..

    people say it releases you..but whats the point if its find good just that your lungs dont agree!!
    but..yh there is always a "but" are neither the first person to do nor the last just that its your friend in need hence a friend indeed hence stick to the "stick"..just kidding....

    still as a friend i am envy of it can be the topic of your blog first up and not me!!

    P.s.-- no smoke without fire,so light it safe..:)

  5. I am a non smoker.Do not know the effects of smoking.May be stress relievers for tense people.Your blogs are very touching.Poetic streak in it.Coming from heart.No deception.Courageous and bold.



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