Monday, February 22, 2010

my identity

Words of A loner

In the midnight,when I opened my eyes
there was an angel who took care of my cries
She caressed me,hugged me, gave me the first breath of my life!
which when I sensed gave me a nostalgic vibe.

Morning I woke up and found myself in the strong arms
trying to hold me nervously but confidently with all the charms
How secure I felt,  is just impossible to define
but the connection which  was made was absolutely devine.
I grew up little older
surrounded by all the treasures and love
but was a little loner
without my little Dove
This was almost a 6 years of wait
but now I can see her in my portrait
With all the traits matching
we grew up and the time flew away just watching
I miss my Mom
I love my Dad
I want my Sis 
That's all I have! 


  1. thnnx yavnika for the appriciation
    (heard this name first time..gud one..but wht does it mean ? is this derived from 'YAVAN'-- the intrudors in india, the great Yavan rular-Kanishka.? )

    as per the etiquettes, i should say "wow! great words from u..excellent..and so on" about ur creations..but the problem is tht i havn't followed english literature in my life so far and moreover this langauge is not one , i am much comfortable with..
    but still the essence and feelings of ur poems are gud and the way to convert ur feelings into words, it give me an impression tht u r gud with them.

  2. i really appreciate ur poem here about urself, amazing choice of words n formatting it to spill out with poise.
    i would definitely agree with everything that u said in ur poem but again i wud plant a mirror in front of u to show u that u r always surrounded by ur thots, memories which helped u pen down ur poem. so u r not alone my dear frend.

    - Jay, BANG-A-Lore

  3. hi yavnika..good selection of words..

  4. ohh felt so emotional reading down...and reading between the lines was more soothing..says a lot about you,i've heard it..god bless you!!

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  7. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication! Yavnika, its just today that I got to view your blog and I know for sure I am hooked to it! The simple words that you pick give the entire rendering an unbelievable foreground reality and a sufficient peek at the background mind that is churning this out! Way to go. Will be eagerly awaiting more from you...

  8. All r there.Your father,mother and sister.U r fortunate.



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