Wednesday, February 24, 2010

5.MY LIFE (a journey through pain)

When I was young, I dreamt of all the rosy things and desired all the unachieveable,made a world that never exists in reality and which I had never seen and may be I never wanted to see.Every dream of mine was so fragile that I was scared in my heart of hearts to see any single one of them breaking and transforming into an ash at that particular moment,so made a COCOON around me which was I can say a bit fake.Don't ever say that you told me the same for heaven's sake
But life has the colour which has no combination,which even cannot be made on palette even mixing the basic colours too.It's not black ,it's not blue, it's not red what  it is I even cannot see and cannot say at all if I try to put it in words ever.
Hurt and broken without any salt left in my tears I feel that I have to go on this unknown path in search for people and books who say that happiness does exists and love is every where u have to just feel it.
Still confused and lost thinking wether I will ever be able to reach that point where I will be able to convince my Soul that you are wrong my sweet heart,people and books are right ,Happiness does exists.and Love is in the air.


  1. Good to see that you still believe in happy endings just like our hindi movies..
    finding happiness is the toughest and simplest....i feel happy when i buy my new cell but thats momentry..gosh they again launch a new model..(why)!!
    when i was 12,i thought of becoming a pilot,at 16 an actor,at 19 a doctor still ambitions are thinking of you dreaming fragile is understandable..and practical at young age
    they say love is never ends..but to end it has to start also..whatever you do,think,act(sometimes)or hide; the fact that the harder you try the scarce it dont go out and try for all these day..they'l be all yours i too believe in happy endings..:)

  2. hey i like the way u see the life with different phases.................

  3. Hey Yavnika , I liked your Profile line " I love myself and want to enjoy life" , I agree to what you say we should live and enjoy life at fullest , time gone is gone so live in present and enjoy it .... And you have so beautifully expessed your feelings into words , I hope you are currently in right profession.

  4. amazingly formatted n written down dear...u deserve a pat on ur back for this post

    - Jay

  5. Books are right.Love is every where.It's God's gift.We some times feel,some times fail to percieve.Pain and relief exist side by side.You appear to be a dreamer.Some dreams become a reality, some not.We should look towards have nots.Our pain and tears would disappear.



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