Saturday, May 15, 2010


Life is all about dreams and aspirations.We aspire coz we dream not necessarily all dreams come true!
But the truth lies how hard we perspire to fulfill what we aspire/we fail coz we desire, but not upto the mark of excellence!infact the 'Y factor of supremacy'.Mind is restless so our dreams too.
Heart keeps beating and we keep breathing and dreaming unknowingly or rather knowingly .
 Knowledge sometimes is fatal.
Less of Brains more of Peace and Satisfaction.
Dissatisfaction is equally and directly proportional to intellect that's what people believe.Very true indeed!
But if born with this commodity person gets fixed for the life time ,but why to blame intellect,We deserve to be loosers if we behave like them amd ofcourse winners if we fight and believe that we can do, what we want  at any cost,BUT human psyche as always we blame everything on somebody else be it GOD?
We are defeated by our own actions ,by our own efforts which if measured are nowhere close to NUMERO UNO!
Zeroing is a must before hitting bang on target!Even Zero  has a relevance and plays a role!
What made me write this whole article i still don't understand !Mere frustration  -NO,doubt about my capabilities-NO,then why?May be i have still not zeroed on the aim!
See that's the whole story ,about life too!What else to write i started with a zero thought in my mind and ended up with a zero conclusion that what i meant!
Still wrote,and posted on my blog too-------may be  a sign of initiation !Indeed it is !
keep believeing are the FINEST OF WORDS I have ever read!

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  1. ha ha ha.....u know what, thts what life is all about and to actually feel what life is, intellect is must otherwise it would be like, "u came just like that and gone just like that". So treasure ur intellect, let thoughts get churned into ur mind, let emotions tortured u, dont get baffled, face them and say aloud everytime .....TRY ME!!!!



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