Monday, June 28, 2010


"What Woman Wants" tiltle actually gave me couple of restless days and nights and forced me to think hard for all these days. After a long analysis I came to the conclusion which i already knew but somehow gave the second thought and now for sure I can announce that -WOMAN WANTS TO BE DEFEATED IN EVERY SPHERE OF HER LIFE.
              As a mother she wants a defeat from her children in terms of intensity of her emotions  and caring she showers on them.The more she recieves the care and emotional support from them the more she is defeated.
            She wants a defeat in terms of desire for her from her soul mate as the more she feel desired as compared to her desires for him the more she gets drenched with defeat.
           The Love and acceptence for what she is,  from the in-laws and her family members more than what she has for them brings her down on her knees.
           The respect from her Boss -the more she gets in terms of respect for her womanhood the more she is floored .
           More regards given to her as compared to what she gives to the society on the whole makes her bow down to the ultimate limits.
She wants to be defeated after all as for her-
Defeat in all ways
brings  a  smile on her face
Don't you think this is an ultimate quality of a woman.
DEFEAT ME AND BE VICTORIOUS --------- is all what woman wants
Is there any one who can give her her defeat which she longs for soooo long.
I think no one! Her want for her defeat can never be fulfilled.


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