Monday, July 19, 2010


Media in terms of its meaning represents  the means of communication, that reach or influence people widely:
To showcase the irresponsible act of media is bit challenging as people say that to critisize anyone  can be the most easiest job ever done.But still I have my right of freedom to present my views on this particular topic.
Very recently I came across some coverages done by media which gave a shockwave to me and my mind.
Live coverage given to Rakhi Savant's swayamvar ,plastic surgery done on some bollywood beauties to enhance their looks and sex appeal ,ash and abhi's wedding ceremony and the worst among all is every day torture being done by SANNATE KO CHEERTEE SANSANI, which actually tears apart my heart to the umpteen pieces .
So whenever I switch on my TV set I make it to a point to jump over all the hindi news channels directly to NDTV or CNNor BBC,reasons I suppose are very well known to me now and I am sure this particular topic suggested by Blog Adda also gives indirect hint that you all will definitly relate to this particular act of mine.
Irresponsible acts performed  by media can be countless but one specific act which makes my blood sublime and brings a mad gleam in my eyes is worth mentioning here and it goes like:-
A few days back I was so shocked to watch  one of the coverage done by a news channel where media people were shown running around the area (MANDAP) precisely used for Mr.Dhoni's wedding ceremony covering every nook and corner, focussing on used styrofoam cups and plates used during the occasion.
Every broken petal of GENDA PHOOL was covered so intricately that even one would have seen the fingerprints on the petals if the hand lens would have been placed near our eyes and  the tv screens.
Broken banana leaves that day savoured the moments of glory for the first time since stone age to present date.
Dismanttled wooden logs were shown as sincirely as they can be focussed and the coverage given to the carpets which were left disordered had made me so jealous for a moment and  I felt like KAASH MAIN BHI EK CARPET HOTI....
The coverage was so attentively performed with100s of camera men running around with wires and a spokes person been focussed thousands of times as her act is being a kind of a heroic one,and the whole scene somehow forced me to utter some classic hindi words like KAME.......Y..which i would have loved to write here too coz of sheer agitation i am feeling right now  but then it will be considered  an act of indecency on my part so' YAVNIKA CONTROL YOURSELF ' i will be saying again and again till the time i finish publishing this post.
Some how I feel how can a group of people are so non egoistic that they tolerate the car doors slammed at their faces by these so called celebrities ...God please tell me what is so great about these movie stars.....
Thought to be a tool for exposing corruption in various areas, the channels now are using the tool to raise their TRP rating, thereby raising a question on accountability of media.

Some might say that media covers those events which connect with the general masses ,which people love to watch but I can explain this with a single example that children also want to play all the time but it doesn't mean that they should not be forced to study in order to become a responsible and better citizens .SO
as per me media people(who are not even children who need guidance in life) should also be made to realize that instead of focussing on  the people who savour fame just by doing handful of movies or serials, coverage should be given to day to day realities and hardships of a common man ,they should focus on the context which include values and attitudes of leaders, law and legislation, level of awareness ,knowledge and wisodm ,a sense of common purpose as a whole, and should focus the lens on the issues which relate to the upliftment and betterment of the society and the country on the whole.

My verdict-The booming media industry of India is yet to mature


Friday, July 9, 2010


Moments of madness that too only 5 .........very restricted topic for a person who is actually mad-----i.e ME.But as it is defined so its better to restrict myself accordingly.
Well to begin with the story goes like......
1-Sitting close to the beach late night
Watching for the falling star which is too bright
Holding breath momentarily to wish for something
And then keep on thinking for that particular wish which ends up in nothing
 2-Staring in the eyes of the person for whom my heart burns to flame
Playing a game where blinking of eye makes u loose the game
Wanting him to win somehow
And in the end of game just saying WOW!
3-Pretending that I know all the strokes of swimming
Going deep inside the water with my heart  thumping
Then getting drowned and asking for help
With my legs tangled in the water weed called "KELP"
4-Using fingers for eating the food
Where everybody around thinks that it is no good
Then suggesting them also to give this a try
And then also eating a chilli which can make me cry
5-Teaching someone special the types of "KISS"
In terms of theory, and telling that it is a bliss
Charging him up to perform the act
And then start to think to react
I think i am going off league now by telling the things which i actually dont want to share ,but you know my Craze for getting the first prize in this competetion of blog writing has made me do so..........
Am i sounding Insane.....
Nevermind...I think this is the only way to so called....... fame!!!
In the end i will just say:----

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Falling in love with the person
and the only reason that too a watermelon............
Believe it or not
IT HAPPENS........
WATERMELON........? What is it don't ask me this
U don't know what is a WATERMELON...
AREE............... it is a TARBOOZ
tarbooz....what is it ,how it looks?
Hey common now
"tarbooz" ko pata chala to sharam se paanee paanee ho jaayega
"TARBOOZ woh hota hai jiske ander se khoon jaisa red paani nikalta hai........
now u'll say what am i talking about
i'm talking SENSE yaar common
take a second look on the explanation
isn't it good enough to fall for a person who describes this "tarbooz' so well
it's no joke
it is very good for health and more over a very good reason for ROAMANCING too, condition if u eat it with ur hands and not fork
what if the red water inside it is little scary
what if it causes a kind of CHIP-CHIP
this chip-chip too has a clue for
ok ok i will give u the little hint dont expect the whole story ok
ok...............let the person who loves you or whom u love pour the juice of atleast 10 kgs of tarbooz  right on ur head
and then see the benefits of chip-chip
thousands yaar........... beleive me TRY THIS
the spark in your eyes
when the person u love will stand so close to ur eyes
holding u in arms
and tracing out where is the actual spasm
the chip chip can do wonder
believe it or not just allow him to make u little uncover
i am sure there will be no missess
the most chip chip part will be revealed after loads of kissess
wht else you want yaar
isn't it what we call 'pyaar"
savour the moments
let them never end
you are not liking it
just try to little pretend
i am sure every thing will fall in place
your heart will start skipping the beating race
what a fruit...this tarbooz is?
evrything starts with chip-chip and ends with kiss!
start eating the fruit take a deep bite
then whatever will happen will be
                               decitated to this fantastic fruit and person whom i have fallen for very recently.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Hurray! Atlast i can not be seen anymore......sounding great!Actually it is thrilling for me.As I dreamt for thousand times becoming invisible and doing the things which I am just not able to do if one sees me.
Being Invisible--------- for me its a dream come true if it is not in real n blogadda made me just write about it but i can atleast pour my heart out and can always feel a part of my desire of becoming invisible getting fulfilled somehow---- anyhow.
I will always try to hold a hand of a child ,making him sit in the class and learn and write , make him fly high in the sky instead of shedding his sweat and tears at the place where he is being employed as a labourer.
I will always try to hold the hand of 'SECOND GOD' of this planet i mean to say 'a doctor' who tires to kill a girl child in her mother's womb!
I will always try to rob the multi millionaires who just stock the money for their pleasures and will distribute it among the needy where the stomachs remain half filled and dreams lie shattered.
I will always try to wipe the tears from the eyes of parents who are being desserted by their own children.
I will try to hold the cartridge from being fired to save a life .
Being Invisible I will steal a candy and give it to a child who always longs for it and will bring a spark on his/her face.
I think this particular feeling of getting invisible actually gives me thousands of ideas of such kinds and im just not able to put them in words.
But NO--- i will try and say as much as i can do as this opportunity will never come again!In a much poetic manner----
Tickel somone who is sad
Giving new attire to one who is shabbily dressed
Breaking the rules where applicable
Is all i will do being INVISIBLE.

Growing trees in barren lands
Pouring money in empty hands
Give my hand to the feet which tremble
Is all I will do BEING INVISIBLE.

Stopping a living soul made to sit on Pyre
showing the face of truth to the liar
tell the chidren that dream---- dreams are achievable
Is all I will do BEING INVISIBLE

Breaking the rope of Suicide
And guide the same soul how to enjoy life and  glide

Erase the aricles on movie stars from every news
And will write about our freedom fighters and their views
I think then only my birth is worth credible
If for all this one day I could become a REAL INVISIBLE!


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