Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Falling in love with the person
and the only reason that too a watermelon............
Believe it or not
IT HAPPENS........
WATERMELON........? What is it don't ask me this
U don't know what is a WATERMELON...
AREE............... it is a TARBOOZ
tarbooz....what is it ,how it looks?
Hey common now
"tarbooz" ko pata chala to sharam se paanee paanee ho jaayega
"TARBOOZ woh hota hai jiske ander se khoon jaisa red paani nikalta hai........
now u'll say what am i talking about
i'm talking SENSE yaar common
take a second look on the explanation
isn't it good enough to fall for a person who describes this "tarbooz' so well
it's no joke
it is very good for health and more over a very good reason for ROAMANCING too, condition if u eat it with ur hands and not fork
what if the red water inside it is little scary
what if it causes a kind of CHIP-CHIP
this chip-chip too has a clue for romance...........how
ok ok i will give u the little hint dont expect the whole story ok
ok...............let the person who loves you or whom u love pour the juice of atleast 10 kgs of tarbooz  right on ur head
and then see the benefits of chip-chip
thousands yaar........... beleive me TRY THIS
the spark in your eyes
when the person u love will stand so close to ur eyes
holding u in arms
and tracing out where is the actual spasm
the chip chip can do wonder
believe it or not just allow him to make u little uncover
i am sure there will be no missess
the most chip chip part will be revealed after loads of kissess
wht else you want yaar
isn't it what we call 'pyaar"
savour the moments
let them never end
you are not liking it
just try to little pretend
i am sure every thing will fall in place
your heart will start skipping the beating race
what a fruit...this tarbooz is?
evrything starts with chip-chip and ends with kiss!
start eating the fruit take a deep bite
then whatever will happen will be
                               decitated to this fantastic fruit and person whom i have fallen for very recently.


  1. What a nice geography of Tarbooz.Have u really fallen in love recently .That person is fortunate.With many kisses or misses,what ever u like. Guess who am I?

  2. Guess who I m.Friends r like melons(tarbooz);shall u tell why?To find one good u must 100 try.

  3. Wow... I remember in school days, in chemistry classes, scientists tried to understand ATOM structures through Water melon models. People say love has its own chemistry, what chemistry than explained in this new watermelon model.. Fantastic fruit indeed, simplyfing some complex chemistry.

  4. wow that anon guy is creepy..



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