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Media in terms of its meaning represents  the means of communication, that reach or influence people widely:
To showcase the irresponsible act of media is bit challenging as people say that to critisize anyone  can be the most easiest job ever done.But still I have my right of freedom to present my views on this particular topic.
Very recently I came across some coverages done by media which gave a shockwave to me and my mind.
Live coverage given to Rakhi Savant's swayamvar ,plastic surgery done on some bollywood beauties to enhance their looks and sex appeal ,ash and abhi's wedding ceremony and the worst among all is every day torture being done by SANNATE KO CHEERTEE SANSANI, which actually tears apart my heart to the umpteen pieces .
So whenever I switch on my TV set I make it to a point to jump over all the hindi news channels directly to NDTV or CNNor BBC,reasons I suppose are very well known to me now and I am sure this particular topic suggested by Blog Adda also gives indirect hint that you all will definitly relate to this particular act of mine.
Irresponsible acts performed  by media can be countless but one specific act which makes my blood sublime and brings a mad gleam in my eyes is worth mentioning here and it goes like:-
A few days back I was so shocked to watch  one of the coverage done by a news channel where media people were shown running around the area (MANDAP) precisely used for Mr.Dhoni's wedding ceremony covering every nook and corner, focussing on used styrofoam cups and plates used during the occasion.
Every broken petal of GENDA PHOOL was covered so intricately that even one would have seen the fingerprints on the petals if the hand lens would have been placed near our eyes and  the tv screens.
Broken banana leaves that day savoured the moments of glory for the first time since stone age to present date.
Dismanttled wooden logs were shown as sincirely as they can be focussed and the coverage given to the carpets which were left disordered had made me so jealous for a moment and  I felt like KAASH MAIN BHI EK CARPET HOTI....
The coverage was so attentively performed with100s of camera men running around with wires and a spokes person been focussed thousands of times as her act is being a kind of a heroic one,and the whole scene somehow forced me to utter some classic hindi words like KAME.......Y..which i would have loved to write here too coz of sheer agitation i am feeling right now  but then it will be considered  an act of indecency on my part so' YAVNIKA CONTROL YOURSELF ' i will be saying again and again till the time i finish publishing this post.
Some how I feel how can a group of people are so non egoistic that they tolerate the car doors slammed at their faces by these so called celebrities ...God please tell me what is so great about these movie stars.....
Thought to be a tool for exposing corruption in various areas, the channels now are using the tool to raise their TRP rating, thereby raising a question on accountability of media.

Some might say that media covers those events which connect with the general masses ,which people love to watch but I can explain this with a single example that children also want to play all the time but it doesn't mean that they should not be forced to study in order to become a responsible and better citizens .SO
as per me media people(who are not even children who need guidance in life) should also be made to realize that instead of focussing on  the people who savour fame just by doing handful of movies or serials, coverage should be given to day to day realities and hardships of a common man ,they should focus on the context which include values and attitudes of leaders, law and legislation, level of awareness ,knowledge and wisodm ,a sense of common purpose as a whole, and should focus the lens on the issues which relate to the upliftment and betterment of the society and the country on the whole.

My verdict-The booming media industry of India is yet to mature



  1. Great post !!!!

    You have captured the real agony of indian viewers in a very charming way. I really like your post.

    All the best for the contest :)

  2. Nice post. I liked your narration style. keep going and hope you win the contest!

    Best of luck!

  3. Nice psot .. really got the jist of it all and Hey all the best for the contest....

    I cant even think of what to write yet :)

  4. nice post yavnika...but as u pointed as children should be taught of being responsible n dey should not be allowed to play all d tyms, so is d case wid media, they show relevant news, n to prove it u know most of the hapenings around u, thanx to media..and in addition to that if they use some glamourous fillers in between which could earn them a bit then it wont b much more den a business opportunity for dem...well i no where intent to offend u or ur thots, but it was just wat i felt...

  5. Good post, I agree with you. It is hard to watch some of the utter rubbish that passes for news these days.

  6. It was written well and i can say that in a nutshell, the main topics worth a discussion were covered in a neat way....

    Way to go!!!

  7. Good post.. Narration was the key, I am impressed..

    I wish you a good luck

    Saravana Kumar - Is Indian Media Misusing Its Freedom?

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M



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