Sunday, July 4, 2010


Hurray! Atlast i can not be seen anymore......sounding great!Actually it is thrilling for me.As I dreamt for thousand times becoming invisible and doing the things which I am just not able to do if one sees me.
Being Invisible--------- for me its a dream come true if it is not in real n blogadda made me just write about it but i can atleast pour my heart out and can always feel a part of my desire of becoming invisible getting fulfilled somehow---- anyhow.
I will always try to hold a hand of a child ,making him sit in the class and learn and write , make him fly high in the sky instead of shedding his sweat and tears at the place where he is being employed as a labourer.
I will always try to hold the hand of 'SECOND GOD' of this planet i mean to say 'a doctor' who tires to kill a girl child in her mother's womb!
I will always try to rob the multi millionaires who just stock the money for their pleasures and will distribute it among the needy where the stomachs remain half filled and dreams lie shattered.
I will always try to wipe the tears from the eyes of parents who are being desserted by their own children.
I will try to hold the cartridge from being fired to save a life .
Being Invisible I will steal a candy and give it to a child who always longs for it and will bring a spark on his/her face.
I think this particular feeling of getting invisible actually gives me thousands of ideas of such kinds and im just not able to put them in words.
But NO--- i will try and say as much as i can do as this opportunity will never come again!In a much poetic manner----
Tickel somone who is sad
Giving new attire to one who is shabbily dressed
Breaking the rules where applicable
Is all i will do being INVISIBLE.

Growing trees in barren lands
Pouring money in empty hands
Give my hand to the feet which tremble
Is all I will do BEING INVISIBLE.

Stopping a living soul made to sit on Pyre
showing the face of truth to the liar
tell the chidren that dream---- dreams are achievable
Is all I will do BEING INVISIBLE

Breaking the rope of Suicide
And guide the same soul how to enjoy life and  glide

Erase the aricles on movie stars from every news
And will write about our freedom fighters and their views
I think then only my birth is worth credible
If for all this one day I could become a REAL INVISIBLE!


  1. Beautiful poem. Reminds me of Anil Kapoor in "Mr India".

  2. i wish u get all dese powers..
    nd m sure u wil use them for d human welfare keep up doing d right work..
    v sweet and hounarable thoughts...
    v nice poem....



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