Thursday, December 16, 2010


It was an afternoon and me with my bag on my shoulder headed towards old delhi station with my gang to board in Ranikhet Express to reach Ramnagar in search of striped beauty of Jim Corbett National Park.
Next day early morning we reached Ramnagar and caught an auto to reach our resort.
After  little of relaxation we all jumped into the open gypsy with excitement at full swing and keeping our fingers crossed entered Jim Corbett Park to see Mr Tiger.
On narrow path in wilderness we went deep inside the jungle with our eyes wide open looking and peeping through each and every blade of grass to locate the beastly beauty.........
Paw marks......paw marks...see see ,wow many na,click ,click ...captured........heart beat running as fast as it can just to have a single look of almighty's wonderful creation.
Spotted deer here and there helped the adrenalin rush in our veins,wilderness and silence all around and an elephant attempt to break down the tree and its branches to crush our jeep made us extremely nervous but we pretended to be brave and clicked and captures him also through our camera lens.
Moving ahead.....and our driver cum guide giving us gen about all tiger trails and jungle antiques....ant home,weaver bird's nest,scratches made by tiger by his claws on the tree trunk these all things actually kept the excitement going but Mr Bond was still missing.
We took a small tea break and heard people saying that it is just a chance and one's luck that sometimes you have an encounter with this striped beauty and sometimes one just misses him completely.
Still with full faith on our luck we further proceeded but u know this LUCK somtimes F......KS you.
That day we couldn't see him but we all announced there loud and clear......
It was indeed an experience in itself and it was indeed worth it!
C U SOON Mr TIGER JAMES BOND...very soon till then take gud care of yourself!Arios and God Bless You!


VERY RECENTLY I MET A LITTLE GIRL NAME KANIKA, about 7 years old, initial meetings were kind of knowing each other,little formal little hesitant, worries of being getting accepted ,it happens when we meet any one new, n its normal.
With time we came close to each other n my heart always felt some kind of eternal connection with this little angel when ever i hugged her tight.
we spend some quality time together playing carrom,i loosing bet with her, giving her chocolates and watching the spark in her eyes while she recieved them in her small little hands, with the pride that she has won n got rewarded too.
Small thing for me but a big deal for her, the feeling of winning and success,
This girl when i met first was sitting on the sofa at her home as her parents have invited us for dinner.
We had a small chit chat n in the mean time her mother asked her to go n play with other kids,n 4 that particular moment my heart stopped thumping blood n i felt numbness in my feet as i saw that this girl is having legs which are like two strings of flowers hanging loose..........may be polio/or may be by birth....i never asked and i never want to...... how does it matter, her confidence her smile her chirpiness made me feel ashamed of myself ,my cribbings about my life .
 Its not ,that i met her and i know i am not sympathetic towards her but instead i feel proud for that little soul who has shown me the meaning of life her own way.
Hats off to her parents too
And u know yesterday i met her again in the club,I sat with her on the stairs and we had spoken about every good thing in life I sharing my corbett jungle trip with her ,she showing me the orion belt in the sky, we watchng high hanging electricity wire over our head and she asking.... aunty how it is hanged so high n I started sharing my intelligence by all means to give her the most convincing answer for her simple question,amazing.......then she sitting in my lap for few minutes and i not loosing a single chance to hug her tight ,to smell her long hair,to relish her soft touch...SHE IS SO VERY BEAUTIFUL
I MISSED HER WHOLE NIGHT while i came back home
I want to walk with her,talk with her and sleep with her forever and ever and ever.

Friday, December 3, 2010


                                            AN EVENING AT TATA INSTITUTE OF ARTS

It was an evening quiet and pleasant and I was relaxing at home in my striped pajamas and yellow t-shirt and suddenly I got a call that I have to reach Tata institute of ART And Drama sharp at 7 p:m with no other further clue.

Anyways, reluctantly I changed and wore a descent dress and drove down to the venue. With little confusion I had been guided to an auditorium full of people and someone saying that it is Anupam Kher a renowned actor of Bollywood who is going to perform and put up his show for common and less famous people like us.

After little wait the show started and it was none other than Anupam Kher who entered the hall shaking hands with people who were little lucky and got the corner seats.

I too looked at him, a common looking man but with an immense aura, something propelled me to clap with other people in the audi otherwise I’m very miser joining my hands to make an impact on each other creating a sound.

Anyways the stage was abnormally decked up with minimal furniture and a stand which was decorated with few shining clothes and a wig. The show started and I was a bit confused what is going to happen next as he was the only man performing on the stage.

The clock struck 7:45 pm and show began with Mr Anupam Kher taking the charge .The man started with his own life, the days when he was young and used to study in Shimla

For another 2 hours he only spoke and acted and every one including me was so mesmerized with his acting skills his expressions that we all just applauded for each of his gesture and act which covered his student days to the days he fell in love and his present day standing in the Hindi cinema.

The act was indeed superb and the finest I have ever seen and he made me think and believe and say that follow your dreams as


As the word impossible itself says


Dated-14 nov

Venue-Rajdhani Express (mum-dlh)

Time-6:15 pm


                                                           MY EVENING AT EMPOWER
                                                            (NEAR COLARD/MULSHI)

It was raining heavily, my mood swinging from sorrows to happiness as we headed towards Empower an activity camp close to Alibagh (Mumbai) near kolard from Pune and owned by Brig Bhasin. The idea was to visit the camp to have an idea how an NGO functions.

The way to the destination is extremely fascinating when I saw cloud covered hills, here and there 1 odd wind mills with their fans moving with great speed to generate electricity. As we proceeded on the way I got thrilled when I saw a lake (place-mulshi) few meters away from the road on which we were driving down. Its mere presence along the road made the view extremely scenic. I clicked some pictures with just an idea to capture the nature’s creativity in my cam lens.

You know life is not very simple as it seems. Happiness and sorrows they just go hand in hand. It was just an hour that I ended up in a discussion that how people make so much of money and i foolishly distract over heart to heart talks to the money making ideas as I got motivated with TATA energy the company who has acquired the whole land near the lake we were following and my mind which was not at peace for last few months forced me to say some stupid things which actually had spoiled mood completely and I have been disgusted with life kept quiet for another 11/2 hour shedding my precious tears in phases.

Somehow the road ended at Empower and I went straight in my tentage just to mull over things which bothered me somehow.

After few minutes wait I had been joined by one of my good friends and just to pretend that I am ok I smiled and after that as we all do to make others comfortable I changed my mood quickly….. I thought why I can’t behave in same manner with our loved ones, why won’t we understand their feelings….anyways after 2 odd drinks (wine)

We headed towards an arrangement where lunch was displayed. The big idol of Ganesha with big heavenly eyes and its calm, composed looks made my mind a bit relaxed. After touching the feet of Lord Ganesha and having prashad I was feeling connected to the superpower. After lunch we all planned for the rafting. It was a beautiful lake 80 feet depth we made a raft under the supervision of our guides, two young boys yuvraaj and sunny with the help of 12 bamboo logs, 3 inflated tyres and few rope strings. We pushed the raft near to the shore ,turned it with tyres below and every 1 taking its position on the bamboo branches we roved the raft deep inside the lake. It was an absolute thrill. After spending several minutes with our legs deep inside the lake I cherished the time. Water ripples made me forget every bad moment of the day .After that we came towards the shore and every 1 started swimming with the life jacket tied to their body, and me being scared of water and being motivated by others tried to swim with the floats on my body but somehow scared inside confined myself close to the shore where the water was just my waist deep.

Fully drenched and tired we headed towards our tents after may be an hour or so. Relaxing and changing took another few minutes and then we enjoyed our drinks and snacks for few hours, did some gupshup.

Then after having dinner and few minutes of good night talks all  of us hit our beds and slept to glory.

Morning I woke up and penned down this adventurous trip of mine.

Time-11:47 A: M

Venue-My tent at Empower

Date-12 Sep 2010


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