Friday, December 3, 2010


                                            AN EVENING AT TATA INSTITUTE OF ARTS

It was an evening quiet and pleasant and I was relaxing at home in my striped pajamas and yellow t-shirt and suddenly I got a call that I have to reach Tata institute of ART And Drama sharp at 7 p:m with no other further clue.

Anyways, reluctantly I changed and wore a descent dress and drove down to the venue. With little confusion I had been guided to an auditorium full of people and someone saying that it is Anupam Kher a renowned actor of Bollywood who is going to perform and put up his show for common and less famous people like us.

After little wait the show started and it was none other than Anupam Kher who entered the hall shaking hands with people who were little lucky and got the corner seats.

I too looked at him, a common looking man but with an immense aura, something propelled me to clap with other people in the audi otherwise I’m very miser joining my hands to make an impact on each other creating a sound.

Anyways the stage was abnormally decked up with minimal furniture and a stand which was decorated with few shining clothes and a wig. The show started and I was a bit confused what is going to happen next as he was the only man performing on the stage.

The clock struck 7:45 pm and show began with Mr Anupam Kher taking the charge .The man started with his own life, the days when he was young and used to study in Shimla

For another 2 hours he only spoke and acted and every one including me was so mesmerized with his acting skills his expressions that we all just applauded for each of his gesture and act which covered his student days to the days he fell in love and his present day standing in the Hindi cinema.

The act was indeed superb and the finest I have ever seen and he made me think and believe and say that follow your dreams as


As the word impossible itself says


Dated-14 nov

Venue-Rajdhani Express (mum-dlh)

Time-6:15 pm


  1. Happiness comes in many ways and people who give happiness to others are great.

  2. I always miss watching such shows. I admire Anumap kher alotttt. he is really a multi-talented person. Aise shows dekhte rahiye...aur humein enlighten karti rahiye :)



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