Thursday, December 16, 2010


VERY RECENTLY I MET A LITTLE GIRL NAME KANIKA, about 7 years old, initial meetings were kind of knowing each other,little formal little hesitant, worries of being getting accepted ,it happens when we meet any one new, n its normal.
With time we came close to each other n my heart always felt some kind of eternal connection with this little angel when ever i hugged her tight.
we spend some quality time together playing carrom,i loosing bet with her, giving her chocolates and watching the spark in her eyes while she recieved them in her small little hands, with the pride that she has won n got rewarded too.
Small thing for me but a big deal for her, the feeling of winning and success,
This girl when i met first was sitting on the sofa at her home as her parents have invited us for dinner.
We had a small chit chat n in the mean time her mother asked her to go n play with other kids,n 4 that particular moment my heart stopped thumping blood n i felt numbness in my feet as i saw that this girl is having legs which are like two strings of flowers hanging loose..........may be polio/or may be by birth....i never asked and i never want to...... how does it matter, her confidence her smile her chirpiness made me feel ashamed of myself ,my cribbings about my life .
 Its not ,that i met her and i know i am not sympathetic towards her but instead i feel proud for that little soul who has shown me the meaning of life her own way.
Hats off to her parents too
And u know yesterday i met her again in the club,I sat with her on the stairs and we had spoken about every good thing in life I sharing my corbett jungle trip with her ,she showing me the orion belt in the sky, we watchng high hanging electricity wire over our head and she asking.... aunty how it is hanged so high n I started sharing my intelligence by all means to give her the most convincing answer for her simple question,amazing.......then she sitting in my lap for few minutes and i not loosing a single chance to hug her tight ,to smell her long hair,to relish her soft touch...SHE IS SO VERY BEAUTIFUL
I MISSED HER WHOLE NIGHT while i came back home
I want to walk with her,talk with her and sleep with her forever and ever and ever.


  1. Very inspiring and touching. Rightly said not to be sympathetic towards her but feel proud for her.

  2. I often think why God gives a lot of pain to some.Why not life ends in a quite way, instead of so much pain and injury.Why the creatures die a violent death.Why some die due to uncurable diseases for years.Why some are afflicted with so much suffering from birth till death.Any how a touching post by the Blogger.

  3. wow!!!! She is very much a bundle of joy indeed... as I can feel your effervescent spirits through your words:)
    Some people may ask why so much over-flowing emotions....but they don't know this is the REAL MAGIC!!!!

    Give a bear hug to little Angel from my side in your next meeting :)



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