Thursday, December 16, 2010


It was an afternoon and me with my bag on my shoulder headed towards old delhi station with my gang to board in Ranikhet Express to reach Ramnagar in search of striped beauty of Jim Corbett National Park.
Next day early morning we reached Ramnagar and caught an auto to reach our resort.
After  little of relaxation we all jumped into the open gypsy with excitement at full swing and keeping our fingers crossed entered Jim Corbett Park to see Mr Tiger.
On narrow path in wilderness we went deep inside the jungle with our eyes wide open looking and peeping through each and every blade of grass to locate the beastly beauty.........
Paw marks......paw marks...see see ,wow many na,click ,click ...captured........heart beat running as fast as it can just to have a single look of almighty's wonderful creation.
Spotted deer here and there helped the adrenalin rush in our veins,wilderness and silence all around and an elephant attempt to break down the tree and its branches to crush our jeep made us extremely nervous but we pretended to be brave and clicked and captures him also through our camera lens.
Moving ahead.....and our driver cum guide giving us gen about all tiger trails and jungle antiques....ant home,weaver bird's nest,scratches made by tiger by his claws on the tree trunk these all things actually kept the excitement going but Mr Bond was still missing.
We took a small tea break and heard people saying that it is just a chance and one's luck that sometimes you have an encounter with this striped beauty and sometimes one just misses him completely.
Still with full faith on our luck we further proceeded but u know this LUCK somtimes F......KS you.
That day we couldn't see him but we all announced there loud and clear......
It was indeed an experience in itself and it was indeed worth it!
C U SOON Mr TIGER JAMES BOND...very soon till then take gud care of yourself!Arios and God Bless You!

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  1. Good narration.Wants some more photos of the park.



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