Friday, December 3, 2010


                                                           MY EVENING AT EMPOWER
                                                            (NEAR COLARD/MULSHI)

It was raining heavily, my mood swinging from sorrows to happiness as we headed towards Empower an activity camp close to Alibagh (Mumbai) near kolard from Pune and owned by Brig Bhasin. The idea was to visit the camp to have an idea how an NGO functions.

The way to the destination is extremely fascinating when I saw cloud covered hills, here and there 1 odd wind mills with their fans moving with great speed to generate electricity. As we proceeded on the way I got thrilled when I saw a lake (place-mulshi) few meters away from the road on which we were driving down. Its mere presence along the road made the view extremely scenic. I clicked some pictures with just an idea to capture the nature’s creativity in my cam lens.

You know life is not very simple as it seems. Happiness and sorrows they just go hand in hand. It was just an hour that I ended up in a discussion that how people make so much of money and i foolishly distract over heart to heart talks to the money making ideas as I got motivated with TATA energy the company who has acquired the whole land near the lake we were following and my mind which was not at peace for last few months forced me to say some stupid things which actually had spoiled mood completely and I have been disgusted with life kept quiet for another 11/2 hour shedding my precious tears in phases.

Somehow the road ended at Empower and I went straight in my tentage just to mull over things which bothered me somehow.

After few minutes wait I had been joined by one of my good friends and just to pretend that I am ok I smiled and after that as we all do to make others comfortable I changed my mood quickly….. I thought why I can’t behave in same manner with our loved ones, why won’t we understand their feelings….anyways after 2 odd drinks (wine)

We headed towards an arrangement where lunch was displayed. The big idol of Ganesha with big heavenly eyes and its calm, composed looks made my mind a bit relaxed. After touching the feet of Lord Ganesha and having prashad I was feeling connected to the superpower. After lunch we all planned for the rafting. It was a beautiful lake 80 feet depth we made a raft under the supervision of our guides, two young boys yuvraaj and sunny with the help of 12 bamboo logs, 3 inflated tyres and few rope strings. We pushed the raft near to the shore ,turned it with tyres below and every 1 taking its position on the bamboo branches we roved the raft deep inside the lake. It was an absolute thrill. After spending several minutes with our legs deep inside the lake I cherished the time. Water ripples made me forget every bad moment of the day .After that we came towards the shore and every 1 started swimming with the life jacket tied to their body, and me being scared of water and being motivated by others tried to swim with the floats on my body but somehow scared inside confined myself close to the shore where the water was just my waist deep.

Fully drenched and tired we headed towards our tents after may be an hour or so. Relaxing and changing took another few minutes and then we enjoyed our drinks and snacks for few hours, did some gupshup.

Then after having dinner and few minutes of good night talks all  of us hit our beds and slept to glory.

Morning I woke up and penned down this adventurous trip of mine.

Time-11:47 A: M

Venue-My tent at Empower

Date-12 Sep 2010


  1. Nice.Happiness lies within oneself.Others can give happiness for some time.Then you are again all alone.I wonder why some people are so sad within.Inter-action with people on the same wave length definitely gives happiness for some time.How ever people should not expect others to give happiness to them at all times.

  2. Great lines yavni......lovd it dear...keep the good work up..

  3. yes, I agree, one should not look up to others for one's own happiness. Dnt shed ur precious tears sweetie....they are valuable.
    I love to read the live experiences. Looking forward to more such posts from you :)



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