Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The feeling of ........I am scared of being loved is so haunting that it makes me ask to myself why so....?it happens..... is it because of sufferings in life,trauma people face that they feel horrified when love knocks at their door that they don't even open the door to let it come inside and heal their broken souls.
It is a wrong act i will say ,one should always grab love whenever where ever it is in vicinity...... why to be scared ,one should not behave like a coward ,be daring ,be impulsive should be the attitude which actually empowers us to live and to be loved.
True love indeed is very hard to find ,people search for their whole lives to find it,but damn it yaar i mean who is bothered of true love,instead it should be only love for me........!
The more words we add before love like true, selfless etc etc the more it is hard to find,why to make things hard,let them be simple ,easy and simplicity just lies in the act that be close to the person who touches your heart anyway.
Enjoy the company of the person with whom you feel that life is still worth living,dont think just act attitude makes life and love more easy to be cherished.
Throw away the baggage which haunts our soul night and day.
Give love a way to reach you ,feel blessed if you come across it anyhow,anyway.


  1. I agree that one should not miss incoming love :) but love brings expectations and some degree of responsibility towards the lover which I think is necessary for the continuity of love, if it is important at all !!!

  2. Love should be immediately grabbed and reciprocated without any demands more love.There is no limit for it.It becomes more demanding when progressing.That is the main problem with it.Nothing is more b/full in this world then to love and being loved.

  3. what should i said it all!!Good to hear all positive vibes..very nice to read it..keep writing and yh....keep implementing... :)

  4. I again read this post today.I again liked it.Want to read it again and again in future.



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