Monday, March 21, 2011


I always felt that 'life' word in itself is the most meaningful indeed!Whereever the 'LIFE' IS ,THERE THE PLACE AUTOMATICALLY BECOMES LIVELY.But my life experiences (TWICE) had made me feel that some lifes are meant to be ceased to make the other person survive.
Five years back an incident happened in my life and i bore a life inside me in my fallopian tube. The case became critical after two months and I had to be operated upon to cease it.......(my first child)
I recoverd fom that trauma and time again started running in its original pace.But people often say that history repeats itself,i never believed them but same tragedy happened to me this year too.
Begining of year 2011 was all rosy and i was thrilled to know that God has blessed me to bear a life (my child) in me once again.Two months just passed with all the hopes in my heart that nine months will pass soon, but destiny can't be defied.
28th feb i was again detected with a life growing in my other tube.Heart broken at that particular moment i desired to finish my life too along with the one inside me.But such things are not that easy to do.
Again fate had driven me to the hospital and again i passed through all pain and trauma of being operated again and spending 10 days on hospital bed,with all drips and blood bags attached and hanging too close to my body .
Painful indeed!but one can't change what all is predestined.
Now with both the tubes missing inside me i feel a kind of hollow in my life as the most potent parts of my body were being removed as they carried Life which they were not supposed to!
But this whole incident taught me a wonderful lesson------One will be punished if One tries to do things which are not meant to be done ,may be early or little late in life.
With few healed up marks on my lower abdomen i feel that i was meant to be punished and i was ..........may be directly or
i can say may be indirectly!!!


  1. Indeed all this has been very difficult for you to cope with. Sometimes we can't do much about and just feel helpless. Wish you a fast recovery and healing. Get well soon and keep going....



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