Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Everyday people face negative experiences. Whether of greater or lesser import, people generally like to dwell on these negative experiences. Once this becomes a habit, it has a negative effect. Then the unpleasant experiences become a part of our active memory, till it becomes a jungle of negativity. So it is best to forget these kinds of sad events.

In our case what happened was beyond our control, but it is in our hands to forget it and prevent it from becoming a part of our memory. If others are not ready to take your advice on this you had better become its first follower.

Try to forget unpleasant memories, for the alternative to this is living in bitterness and that is not a good choice for anyone.

The habit of forgetting leads to many good things .It saves you from distraction, it prevents you from wasting your time and it shields you from negative thoughts. All these things are so important for a better life.

In life our share is 50% and the rest of the 50% is supplied by others. Living with bitter memories means we are not ready to accept the law of nature. We cannot change the law of nature so change our self. This will give us the gift of a comfortable life in every situation.

Memory is an integral part of our mind. There is no escape from memory .The only option is try not to make memory a part of our conscious mind, but relegate it to unconscious mind. And the forgetting habit serves that very purpose. We cannot delete our memory from our minds but we can make it ineffective by storing it in the memory archives.

Memory when good is a positive guide and when bad is totally negative. One has to control our memory rather than be controlled by it. Make the memory the intellectual storehouse and not the master of our daily conduct.


  1. Words of wisdom.I liked it.Felt like a refreshing breeze flowing through my mind.Some events are really very hard to forget,but we should try to forget it at the earliest in our own interest.By the way light pink and white flowers in the begining of post are really lovely.

  2. Kahte hain Ghalib ki khayal acchha hai.

  3. I again read this post.Words wisdom.



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