Monday, August 29, 2011



I am a hard core Indian, but since my childhood days I had never believed in Gandhi, and his philosophy, as it is my thinking that he was the man who was responsible for India and Pakistan partition. I always believed that it would not have happened if the decision was being taken by the freedom fighters of our country that belonged to the EXTREMIST group.,

People say that what one believed throughout one's childhood years becomes one’s thinking as we grow in life. I too believed in that saying since Anna Hazare’s episode happened in reality. I had never seen Gandhi and his so called revolutions but now I can relate to them very easily in the terms of purpose and intensity.

Still for me both the personalities (Gandhi and Anna Hazare) are little different, may be in the terms of attitude ,may be the way both have spent their lives as I have always seen Gandhi in pictures and documentaries in the company of women on whom shoulders he used to take support to even walk for a few miles, which for me is the topic of concern every time ,he was married, again a difference that can be quoted to justify the dissimilarity with Anna Hazare ji ,but I think the way of perceiving the ideas and bringing a total revolution that too through AHIMSA, is an aspect which relates equally to both .

I don’t believe in following any one or appreciating any person for few good qualities or small things, may be anyone can call me stingy, I don’t mind, let me be it, but now I want to be true to myself this time, that one man who forced me to follow him and his ideology is ANNA HAZARE, a man of substance, a man of high determination,a man of tremendous will power.

What a personality he is …….I mean Great yaar! I am absolutely floored and amazed. His simplicity, his way of saying Bharat Mata Ki Jai, Vande Mataram ,Inqalab Zindabad and he himself as a person forced me to believe in him from my heart and soul.

I kept the complete track of the whole episode of Anna Hazare fighting for corruption ,starting from his day 1 of fasting and raising the wave of anti-corruption movement, I saw his face changing colour from wheatish to little black because of dehydration and hunger and I became so restless because of the attitude and response of our so called politicians, the people who just know to flourish in all respects without getting bothered about the country and its people.

I saw them talking absolute nonsense on T.V specially the NDA party and few others, I saw them ,heard to them and was taken aback that how come these incompetent people are governing US….UNEDUCATED,ILL-MANNERED,EGOISTIC,COMPLETELY INSANE AND HEARTLESS….absolutely disastrous. I felt.

So my worries for this 74 year old man kept increasing with each passing moment of his fast till 28th August, 10 A.M.

But now I can say that the only man whom I praise, whom I follow is HIM i.e (ANNA HAZARE).Wonderful soul and a great Indian.

I can only pray to God that his wishes should come through by the "Jan Lok pal Bill" being passed in the Parliament as early as possible, may God give him a long life and indeed our country need people like him in thousands so that our Generation Next can say that ,



In the end I need to include the following in the list of my appreciation-

-Ms Kiran Bedi

-Mr Arvind Kejriwal

-Mr Prashant Bhushan ji

-Mr Shanti Bhushan ji


-Mr Arnab Goswami (Times Now)

-Mr Gaurav Sawant (Headlines Today)

-Mr Rahul Kanwal (Headlines Today)

jai hind jai bharat!

Monday, August 15, 2011

zara short main batlao na!

this is a song which has compelled me to use my fingers to type it and post it on my blog.....why?.......i dont know?

Zhatak Kar Zulf Jab Tum Tauliye Se Baarishein Azad Karti Ho

Accha Lagta Hai

Hila Kar Hont Jab Bhi Haule Haule Guftagu Ko Saaz Karti Ho

Accha Lagta Hai

Khushboo Se Behlao Na, Seedhe Point Pe Aao Na

Aankh Main Aankhein Daal Ke Keh Do, Khwabon Main tehlao Na

Zara Short Main, Batlao Na

Seedhe Point Pe Aao Na, Seedhe Point Pe Aao Na

-Alag Ehsaas Hota Hai, Tumhare Paas Hone Ka

Sarakti Sarsarahat Ki Nadi Main Reshmi Lamhein Bheegone Ka

Zara Sa Maud Kar Gardan Jab Apni Hi Ada Par Naaz Karti Ko

Accha Lagta Hai

Labzon Se Behlao Na, Jhoothi Mooti Behkao Na

Haathon Ko Haathon Main Le Ke Woh Teen Shabd Tapkao Na

Zara Short Main, Batlao Na

Seedhe Point Pe Aao Na, Haan Seedhe Point Pe Aao Na

-Woh Tere Dhyan Ki Khushboo, Main Sar Tak Odh Leta Hoon

Bhatakti Saans Ko Teri Gali Main Gungunane Chhod Deta Hoon

Tum Apni Khidkiyon Ko Khol Kar Jab Bhi Naye Agaaz Karti Ho

Accha Lagta Hai

Gali Gali Gali Gali Gali Gali Bhatkao Na, Ghadi Ghadi Uljhao Na

Senti Ho Main Jaan Gayi Hoon Action Bhi Dikhlao Na

Zara Short Main, Batlao Na

Seedhe Point Pe Aao Na, Oh Seedhe Point Pe Aao Na

Oh Seedhe Oh Seedhe Oh Seedhe Point Pe Aao Na

just an idea -how beautiful nature is..........

tripfrom srinagar to leh...........enjoy


Few weeks ago we just packed our bags and prepared ourselves to explore the beauty of a place which is extremely beautiful and majestical.From leh we went to TSOMORIRI LAKE about 130 kms away from our destination point.Totally zapped with the beauty of the lake i became speechless for few moments.Drive from leh to Tsomoriri is again breath taking.Mystic mountain ranges changing colours with the every  angle and trajectory of sun rays falling on their snow clad peaks were absolutly wonderful .We stayed bang on the gravelled beach of the lake in our tent,the night was a bit cold but the enthusiasm in our heart gave all the courage and strength to enjoy the nature's great creation. Next day we headed towards Pangongso lake another classic and divine creation by God.Absolutly mesmerising ! Shades of blue forced me to think HOW?For me it is becoming absolutly difficult to express myself in words that how classic these creations are!So being on safer side i am uploading some pics clicked there to give u an idea that I AM NOT TELLING LIES!       


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