Monday, August 15, 2011


Few weeks ago we just packed our bags and prepared ourselves to explore the beauty of a place which is extremely beautiful and majestical.From leh we went to TSOMORIRI LAKE about 130 kms away from our destination point.Totally zapped with the beauty of the lake i became speechless for few moments.Drive from leh to Tsomoriri is again breath taking.Mystic mountain ranges changing colours with the every  angle and trajectory of sun rays falling on their snow clad peaks were absolutly wonderful .We stayed bang on the gravelled beach of the lake in our tent,the night was a bit cold but the enthusiasm in our heart gave all the courage and strength to enjoy the nature's great creation. Next day we headed towards Pangongso lake another classic and divine creation by God.Absolutly mesmerising ! Shades of blue forced me to think HOW?For me it is becoming absolutly difficult to express myself in words that how classic these creations are!So being on safer side i am uploading some pics clicked there to give u an idea that I AM NOT TELLING LIES!       


  1. Awesome beauty...!!!

    Just see, don't touch !!

    It should be preserved at any cost.

  2. Yavnika,I wish you could also portray beauty of the people residing in Kashmir and similar beautiful places.



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