Monday, October 17, 2011


It was peak summer time.As is and was my wont the first thing i do after rising early in the morning is check my mobile inbox for messages that friends send me, particularily the night.

There it was ,this innocously simple message which meant "Do you know several thousand birds die each summer for want of water.So put a water pot in your balcony,terrace or window sill.Forward this message to your friends as well."

The sheer simplicity and exhortation of the message subliminally settled in my mind and set me thinking of birds and nature.The sight of earthen water pots hung in hessian baskets or perched atop balconies swam before my eyes for a moment . Having absorbed the pregnant purport of the message the first thing i did was forward the mesaage required to my benevolent friends.

After a while in the day i headed straight to an earthen ware seller who had laid out his wares under a banyan tree I looked for a particularly flat blottomed deep earthen pot.

After handling a few i could lay my eager hand on not one but two, one of which i told myself i would use for bird feed for the added measure and the other for water as planned.

I put out a hand ful of barley bird feed in to the new earthen pot and poured to the brim water in the other and put both the pots on a particularly wide window sill overlooking an abundant tree.Happy at the thought of having been inspired by the message to do a simple good turn ,i progressed through my routine and the dusk returned to check how the birds liked to respond to my gesture.

To my delight ,i found the water filled pot half-empty and grains strewn around the pot,testimony that birds had been pecking here.

Next morning i replenished the supply with renewed interest and continued the routine for a few days.After which i found to my disamy, that the barley bird feed would be left untouched.Perhaps the birds had had enough.Don't we get bored of the same fare if given the same thing for days.

For a chance , i bought some jowar grains bigger and easier for birds to pick,I thought .At the end of each summer day,i noticed the replaced bird feed polished off by birds.The sight of the empty birdfeed pot gave me an incredible satisfaction-and all because of an SMS.Save My Soul, i thought Yes -that was what it was.

Trees and birds are just part of the big picture of nature which we share with them.We all are interconnected and independent.Fed on water and birds feed, the content little birdies have taught me a valuable lesson in the virtues of charity which begins at home,in your heart that has immense potential to save not just the individual soul but that of others as well.


Life takes you on the journey which is a kind of expected vs unexpected.Pleasure ,Pain Agony,Dissatisfaction,Satisfaction walk hand in hand together.The more we try to unveil the hidden paths of future the more we find ourselves admist confusion.

Phases of boredom haunts us like slipping nail through the concrete wall and we try to revive our likes to kill this boredom of ours one fine day........singing once we loved,painting we used to do ,travelling once we cherished and during these seconds of time we think to revive our hidden capabilities,our expertise.......we decide to do what we love most.

For me to paint well is my acquired gift from God as i was always gud at it.

Life has churned me out and doing painting on canvas will allow me to fill some colors in my life too,i so started with it but its not easy to fill colors as our mind which is undergoing so much of turmoil stops us to come out as a survivor from the situation which bothers us the most......

But i crave for happiness and just for the sake to give happy ending to my life i seek revival of my interests thinking that might be that is the only recepie to come out from the trauma of boredom.

BOREDOM SUCKS.....and to kill it i chose to hope that this black and white life of mine will one day become colorful and my journey in the search of revival of fittest will make me the surviror among the fittest



The Quill Pen came into use in the Seventh Century

after the Reed Pen and remained the preeminent writing instrument for most of the Western World for over thousands of years.
The word PEN comes from the Latin Word PENNA which means Feather.
''One drop of ink makes thousands,perhaps millions think.......Lord Byron.

Nothing has so affected our lives and history as the QUILL PEN.
Carly Scribes,
wrote and decorated the pages of their manuscripts including the Bible and the Quill Pen.

wars started , and won and lost and some were even aberted by the stroke of QUILL PEN.


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