Wednesday, October 31, 2012



This article is related to my close encounter with DALAI LAMA JI ,when He visited my school!
What a great personality he is... what an AURA.... IT ATTRACTS YOU indeed.
This event happened in the month of July 2012 at Lamdon Model Senior Secondary School Leh where I was appointed as Biology Lecturer in the month of June and just after one month of my appointment, I got this opportunity to meet such a great closely as He CAME TO INAUGURATE THE SCIENCE BLOCK IN MY SCHOOL OF WHICH I AM THE IN-CHARGE. Nothing much to express as the feelings are and were so intense that I can not put them into words just attaching few pics ...


You know life is beautiful….. Off Late I have realized …though a bit late but not an issue…….Earlier I used to think that people whom I love a lot are responsible for my personal happiness as I was confused between the actual bond existing between happiness and love …….. I think both are separate entities and cannot be linked together by any means.
Life teaches you a lot with the passage of your life graph….. Sometimes lessons taught are bit difficult to understand at that particular moment but later most of us realize that it was good, it actually enables you to progress in your life in a much better and easier way.
Emotions are always good to nourish…… but in a much practical manner I think. Some people often say that emotions and practical approach never go hand in hand but I think they confuse us and often I have seen and met people who say that they are very emotional …….bullshit…. they have the most practical approach towards life and relationships. But thanks that I came in contact with them as now I have fine tuned my emotional and practical transmission from my brain and my heart!
Today I am sitting in my school, bit free as exams are going on and today is a preparation break for the children …so got little time to rejuvenate my writing skills and post something on my blog.
Coming back on the track, nowadays I am feeling very relaxed and happy, free from all the clustered confusions, enjoying my life in my own little ways.
Many people suffer in life as they are confused to great limits …..searching for Love and Happiness outside .....not possible as it is very much within ourselves and we can possess it very easily…. but it should be justified and eternal as wrong doings also give us happiness as we say that we enjoyed that particular moment but it is not true as it(happiness) was and is very very momentary  .
People actually dream a lot which I feel should be restricted to only those areas which make you grow not to those aspects which drag you behind in your life or which bother you in some or the other way.
What I feel is that Self Dignity is most important aspect in any situation and in any case. Self is One thing which I love now a days as my Self is one thing which always gives me a hint of what is right and wrong………. doesn’t matter that  sometimes I don’t listen to it in few matters but never mind……!  
I actually need handful of people to make me survive for another few years….. MY MAA ,MY DAD, MY SWEET SISTER ,BUNNY ,BUDDY, GUDIYA MAUSI AND OFCOURSE…. (MY HUBBY….. by default).

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hearts connected.......

Today it was 10th of September and I was invited by children of my school to celebrate Teacher’s Day .Though it was belated but in our school it was celebrated today as on 8th of September school hall was occupied so it was instructed to celebrate it today.

Anyways, but today it was just entertainment, entertainment, and entertainment. It was a total thrill for the children and pleasure for all the teachers. FOR ME IT WAS AN IMMENSE JOY TO FEEL connected to the children in such a special manner. As a class teacher of class ninth I was invited by the kids for the cake cutting ceremony in the morning which was a total surprise for me. I was amazed to see the efforts, kids had put in to decorate the classroom in an awesome manner and my hands became full of cards and gifts with each gone by second.

Kids are so full of life and innocence , they are so pure ,without any  expectations they just do what they feel ,all is from the heart and one can feel as each and every heart beat of theirs’was felt in my heart I can just say that. ......... So heavenly feeling which can’t be described certainly......., AND HERE I WOULD LIKE TO SHARE FEW CLICKED PICS ON THIS PARTICULAR DAY.......

 my class,my students PRIDE.....


Monday, May 14, 2012

1-Life is not always what one wants it to be

But to make the best of it as it is, is the only way of being happy.

2-If you want a place in the sun

You have got to put up with a few blisters.

3-If I trim myself to suit others

I will soon whittle myself away.

4-If you would hit the mask, you must aim a little above it

Every arrow that flies feels the attraction of earth.

5-It is a mistake to look too far ahead,

Only one link in the chain of destiny can be handled at a time.

6-Whenever you fall, pick something.

7- When I am anxious it is because I am living in future,

When I am depressed it is because I am long in past.

8-Just when I think I have learned the way to live, life changes.

9-We do not succeed in changing things according to our desires’

But gradually our desires changes.

10-It is only an error in judgement to make a mistake,

But it shows infirmity of character to adhere to it when discovered.

Friday, May 11, 2012



I saw the first episode of satyamev jayate on Sunday just by chance while flipping  through the channels on my TV set which led me to star plus on which this programme was being aired and was being hosted by Amir Khan.
Indeed it is a worth while topic to discuss publically but I was taken aback that why this issue is being handled and raised by a male why not by any female till date in the manner it is brought in focus by Amir Khan, that we all are so very Ga Ga about it .The crux of the situation is that we females still do not have guts to do something for our own group. There are indeed so many social groups who work for the upliftment of the females in the society and there head being a female, so many female page 3 personalities  are also joined with social work and activities but surely that is all for fame and to project that they are doing great things and just to gain publicity. Useless indeed!

Actually what I feel is that females are a bit fraud creatures created by the supreme power. We talk about our empowerment but when we don’t possess power within ourselves how can we be empowered, it is just not possible.

Take any case of abortion of a girl child being done in our society it is basically because of the mental psyche of female in the family be it a mother in law or sometimes the mother in itself.
Man can be handled  and convinced very easily be it any issue, in general or specific ,  I believe, but the problem lies mainly with the thinking process of females.
We don’t support each other well .Take any issue of the present society be it differences with mother in law and any other female on in-laws side,  extra marital affairs,   killing of a girl child in the womb of a mother, I believe females only are not determined to support their own breed anyhow or in any case for that matter.

I am not an anti female element but somehow I’m disgusted with the general and specific attitudes of females. We don’t raise our voice to support ourselves as a group but we always try to behave in a very indifferent and selfish manner in various streams of life and in various roles we paly.

I support female foeticide, if that girl is not welcomed in the family and society wholeheartedly, if the birth of that girl child forces the mother to conceive endlessly unless she delivers a boy and in turn increasing the liabilities on the family and on the society as I have seen number of times in the poor families where the mother has 5/6 children or may be more and among all these children the youngest is the boy.  
So my take is that before raising this sensitive issue we should try to first educate the women and change their general stingy attitude towards their own breed, then only it is worthwhile to give birth to the girl child in this world which is not worth living as it is but still for the sake of animal instinct to just be able to propagate our own species.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


When I was a child ,for me life was a absolute fun basically comprising of studies and little bit of entertainment.As i grew old the situation did change a bit..... as responsibilities grew to proove myself worthy in all fields specially in the field of education etc.

Later I realised that we humans are more bothered to proove ourself in the eyes of other people or i can say the society at large ,instead prooving worthy to our own self which is the biggest cause of despair.

What I analyze today is that to live life happily one should make and follow our own rules and thoughts in which we believe because following the path one has made by oneself is much easier than the path laid by other and it always gives a kind of satisfaction which every human seek for.

Living life to our own terms is the biggest clue to live it happily.People will critisize you but then how does that matter as it is much better than critisizing oneself in later stage of life for not doing things which one always wanted to and I have seen people revolting at that later stage in their lives where they put the society at back stage. Then why shouldn't one do the things which one will be going to do definitly in later stage of one's life.

Atlast what I can say is follow your heart and live life to fullest by just believeing in yourself which i think is the most difficult thing to do but not impossible though.    

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


The word "Thai" means free, and therefore Thailand means the "land of the free". Previously the country was well-known to the world as "siam" and only on May 11, 1949 did an official proclamation changed the name of the country into " Prathet Thai" or "Thailand" by which it has since come to be known throughout the world.

Thailand, officially the Kingdom of Thailand formerly known as Siam, is a country located at the centre of the Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia.
National Emblem of Thailand, depicting dancing Garuda with outstretched wings symbolizes government and people of Thailand, as Lord Vishnu symbolizes King of Thailand.
 The region known as Thailand has been inhabited by humans at least about 4,000 years ago. Similar to other regions in Southeast Asia, it was heavily influenced by the culture and religions of India, starting with the kingdom of Funan around the 1st century. map of Thailand will reveal a country whose orders form the rough shape of an elephant head
Thailand is often referred to as a golden land, not because there is precious metal buried underground but because the country gives off a certain lustre, be it the fertile rice fields of the central plains, white sandy beaches or the warm hospitality of its citizenry.
Thailand's cool season runs from November until the end of February. With its low humidity, relatively low temperatures and clear skies, the cool season is the best time to visit. Thus Thailand’s climate is a kind of tropical,high both in temperature and humidity and dominated by Monsoons. Thus there are basically three seasons, the rainy season, hot season, and cool season, though the climate is generally pleasant year round.
 Thailand is a wondrous kingdom, featuring Buddhist temples, exotic wildlife, and spectacular islands. Along with a fascinating history and a unique culture that includes delectable Thai food and massageThailand features a modern capital city.Located in the center of Southeast Asia, Thailand is truly at the heart of the region.
Thai cuisine blends five fundamental tastes: sweet, spicy, sour, bitter and salty. Some common ingredients used in Thai cuisine include garlic, chillies, lime juice, lemon grass, and fish sauce. The staple food in Thailand is rice, particularly jasmine variety rice (also known as Hom Mali rice) which is included in almost every meal. Thai culture has been shaped by many influences, including Indian, Lao, Burmese, Cambodian, and Chinese.
Its traditions incorporate a great deal of influence from India, China, Cambodia, and the rest of Southeast Asia. Thailand's national religion Theravada Buddhism is important to modern Thai identity. Thai Buddhism has evolved over time to include many regional beliefs originating from Hinduism, animism as well as ancestor worship. Thus Religion in Thailand is centered around Buddhism.

Thailand is a country with abundant natural resources, including a wide variety of flora and fauna, and distinct ecological zones. There are over 100 Thailand national parks, including more than 20 marine parks, and each park features unique attractions, outstanding facilities, and opportunities to see animals in Thailand. Those interested in trekking, mountain biking, photography, birding, camping, scuba diving, or getting up close to exotic animals in Thailand have many options to choose from.
A visit to a Thailand beach or one of the many Thailand islands is an opportunity for visitors to relax, experience exotic marine life, or even learn to scuba dive.
Few interesting places ,I visited in Thailand sply. Bangkok and Pattaya are worth mentioning here and few pics are also worth watcting......... i go........











Saturday, March 10, 2012



You know when I was a child, my fascination was flying helicopters but as I grew my life’s track had lead me to dissect frogs and pegions in biolabs and I ended up doing my Post Graduation in Biotech but that desire remained somewhere at the back of my mind and off late I realised that my age now doesn’t support me to fly this fabulous machine and thus flying helicopters especially for National Geographic channel was and still my dream job and sometimes I dream flying high in the skies of Amazon Valley with a high tech camera on my shoulder ,landing my plane admist of amazon forests and SHOOTING wild life through the camera lens ,spending my days and nights among orangutans ,chimps with my eyes locked with theirs’ pitching my tent in the extreme wilderness and following the wild life and realities of nature,their survival and shooting the live encounters between prey and predator.

Just a thought of capturing nature’s creation from all angles ,capturing the mysterious views of  BERMUDA TRIANGLE, flying close to the surface of ocean and blue seas, allowing my helicopter to fly with the momentum of whales and dolphins make my heart beat a little faster.

                Sneaking through the high tides of ocean with my copter controls in my hand and its nose poking through the splashes of high rising waves and sometimes the tail rotor just touching the high snow peaks of unexplored mountain ranges fills my soul close to accomplishment…….. may be it is an imagination but it is there, very much there inside me……….!

Using once again my poetic skills just to fill more colors to my childhood dreams its my wish to.....

Run after the butterflies,

 Chase the breeze with numerous tries,

catching the beam of sunshine on forest floors,

Basking in the sun close to the seashore !

I can feel my dream transforming into my job

I want to do this job which is always been my heart throb!

Jumping from the sky high peaks,

Where the quality of parachute speaks ,

Capturing the eight legged beauty in her web,

And then sleeping with my head safely tucked in the lioness lap!

I can feel my dream transforming into my craze,

I want to do this job for the last few days!

Sipping the cup of evening tea on the branches of trees with high heights,

Where nights are dark with no lights,

A small lamp lit by my side showing me my path there,

And my heart saying….. I just don’t want to go anywhere!

I can feel my dream which I do not want to trade,

I want to do this job where I never want to be PAID.





Accounting is one field where all my calculations fails2+2 becomes 5,debit turns into credit or vice versa and assets ……I always include them under liabilities….!

I still don’t know what Profit and Loss exactly is ….. total confusion…..but I had no option, but just to learn about these accounting factors and proove that I know everything about them ,it was a bit tricky task in itself, accompanied with fear and a feeling of immence nervousness that how yaar…..i mean I can’t …… it is just not possible.

                And the other twist to this tale is, that if I don’t proove myself worthy in “hisab –kitab” I will be a looser ……. Now I am fixed ….what to do?

                In that particular moment I took the help of someone's AGYA CHAKRA .i never knew about it before and still don’t know exactly how it works.

               I want to express my knowledge about this awesome chakra right here and right now in whatever manner i can  but i can't as  Some people have forced me not to praise them directly….. so what all I can say is that Agya Chakra worked for me in a fantastic manner as i was able to sail through the storm of Accounts safely and reached the shores where I just wanted to give a big hug to Agya Chakra but couldn’t as it is beyond my reach……..and will always be. 

Friday, March 9, 2012



It was 28th of December2011, when I faced an intense battle between my heart and mind, my heart saying to stay put in Leh and my mind wanting me to go to Mumbai and appear for my MBA exams, 18 subjects altogether---- a bit scary for me and just a thought of those 20 books which I had never gone through or touched before, gave me GOOSE BUMPS.

                                For the first time I followed my mind and boarded into IL .It’s a huge air force aircraft and as I entered into the airplane I got a shock of my life …………absolutely crude looks from inside, wires hanging all over, noisy atmosphere, luggage dumped in the center and all army jawans sitting on the heap of baggage and “NO SEAT BELTS”. And I sitting on a bench kind of structure ,so the shock I got when I started from Leh shook me and forced me to think whether I will be able to clear my exams or not.

                Anyways I reached Delhi and from there I had to catch Rajdhani from Hazrat Nizzammudin and another shock I got was that my reservation was not confirmed, it was waiting 7,and just five minutes before the departure I was absolutely lost as the person who was responsible for getting my RESERVATION confirmed gave up completely and I was just not able to think ……what to do and how? Made 1000s’ of calls to Vineet and finally approached TTE and literallybegged in front of him to let me board the train.

Finally reached Mumbai on 3rd Jan reached home and saw a pile of books on the table in front of me (almost 22 of them) and I just trembled for few seconds.

                But you know I always used to praise my intellect and intelligence and this I thought was the best opportunity to prove it to myself what I praised about myself.

                On 5th Jan, was my first exam, me little nervous appeared for it at Sai Infotech, Thane and scored 90 marks out of 100. It was a big boost to my confidence and after that I just put my heart and soul, slept for just 4-5 hours for 2 months altogether and finally cleared all my exams on 26th of Feb.

                I REALLY WORKED HARD, very hard studying and just studying night and day but along with my hard work what all helped me to clear my exams with flying colors is the blessings and support of just “SIX” people who motivated me to such extremes that I finally I got the shock on 26th Feb at 6P:M WITH THE RESULT THAT NOW I AM MBA (HR) TOO.     


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