Saturday, March 10, 2012



Accounting is one field where all my calculations fails2+2 becomes 5,debit turns into credit or vice versa and assets ……I always include them under liabilities….!

I still don’t know what Profit and Loss exactly is ….. total confusion…..but I had no option, but just to learn about these accounting factors and proove that I know everything about them ,it was a bit tricky task in itself, accompanied with fear and a feeling of immence nervousness that how yaar…..i mean I can’t …… it is just not possible.

                And the other twist to this tale is, that if I don’t proove myself worthy in “hisab –kitab” I will be a looser ……. Now I am fixed ….what to do?

                In that particular moment I took the help of someone's AGYA CHAKRA .i never knew about it before and still don’t know exactly how it works.

               I want to express my knowledge about this awesome chakra right here and right now in whatever manner i can  but i can't as  Some people have forced me not to praise them directly….. so what all I can say is that Agya Chakra worked for me in a fantastic manner as i was able to sail through the storm of Accounts safely and reached the shores where I just wanted to give a big hug to Agya Chakra but couldn’t as it is beyond my reach……..and will always be. 


  1. A bit difficult for me to fully understand. I m weak in Hisab Kitab.

  2. Interesting to know that Agya Chakra worked for you but how it works and what exactly it is?



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