Saturday, March 10, 2012



You know when I was a child, my fascination was flying helicopters but as I grew my life’s track had lead me to dissect frogs and pegions in biolabs and I ended up doing my Post Graduation in Biotech but that desire remained somewhere at the back of my mind and off late I realised that my age now doesn’t support me to fly this fabulous machine and thus flying helicopters especially for National Geographic channel was and still my dream job and sometimes I dream flying high in the skies of Amazon Valley with a high tech camera on my shoulder ,landing my plane admist of amazon forests and SHOOTING wild life through the camera lens ,spending my days and nights among orangutans ,chimps with my eyes locked with theirs’ pitching my tent in the extreme wilderness and following the wild life and realities of nature,their survival and shooting the live encounters between prey and predator.

Just a thought of capturing nature’s creation from all angles ,capturing the mysterious views of  BERMUDA TRIANGLE, flying close to the surface of ocean and blue seas, allowing my helicopter to fly with the momentum of whales and dolphins make my heart beat a little faster.

                Sneaking through the high tides of ocean with my copter controls in my hand and its nose poking through the splashes of high rising waves and sometimes the tail rotor just touching the high snow peaks of unexplored mountain ranges fills my soul close to accomplishment…….. may be it is an imagination but it is there, very much there inside me……….!

Using once again my poetic skills just to fill more colors to my childhood dreams its my wish to.....

Run after the butterflies,

 Chase the breeze with numerous tries,

catching the beam of sunshine on forest floors,

Basking in the sun close to the seashore !

I can feel my dream transforming into my job

I want to do this job which is always been my heart throb!

Jumping from the sky high peaks,

Where the quality of parachute speaks ,

Capturing the eight legged beauty in her web,

And then sleeping with my head safely tucked in the lioness lap!

I can feel my dream transforming into my craze,

I want to do this job for the last few days!

Sipping the cup of evening tea on the branches of trees with high heights,

Where nights are dark with no lights,

A small lamp lit by my side showing me my path there,

And my heart saying….. I just don’t want to go anywhere!

I can feel my dream which I do not want to trade,

I want to do this job where I never want to be PAID.



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  1. I can see 'Breeze of Fresh Air' in your writing! Keep it up.



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