Friday, March 9, 2012



It was 28th of December2011, when I faced an intense battle between my heart and mind, my heart saying to stay put in Leh and my mind wanting me to go to Mumbai and appear for my MBA exams, 18 subjects altogether---- a bit scary for me and just a thought of those 20 books which I had never gone through or touched before, gave me GOOSE BUMPS.

                                For the first time I followed my mind and boarded into IL .It’s a huge air force aircraft and as I entered into the airplane I got a shock of my life …………absolutely crude looks from inside, wires hanging all over, noisy atmosphere, luggage dumped in the center and all army jawans sitting on the heap of baggage and “NO SEAT BELTS”. And I sitting on a bench kind of structure ,so the shock I got when I started from Leh shook me and forced me to think whether I will be able to clear my exams or not.

                Anyways I reached Delhi and from there I had to catch Rajdhani from Hazrat Nizzammudin and another shock I got was that my reservation was not confirmed, it was waiting 7,and just five minutes before the departure I was absolutely lost as the person who was responsible for getting my RESERVATION confirmed gave up completely and I was just not able to think ……what to do and how? Made 1000s’ of calls to Vineet and finally approached TTE and literallybegged in front of him to let me board the train.

Finally reached Mumbai on 3rd Jan reached home and saw a pile of books on the table in front of me (almost 22 of them) and I just trembled for few seconds.

                But you know I always used to praise my intellect and intelligence and this I thought was the best opportunity to prove it to myself what I praised about myself.

                On 5th Jan, was my first exam, me little nervous appeared for it at Sai Infotech, Thane and scored 90 marks out of 100. It was a big boost to my confidence and after that I just put my heart and soul, slept for just 4-5 hours for 2 months altogether and finally cleared all my exams on 26th of Feb.

                I REALLY WORKED HARD, very hard studying and just studying night and day but along with my hard work what all helped me to clear my exams with flying colors is the blessings and support of just “SIX” people who motivated me to such extremes that I finally I got the shock on 26th Feb at 6P:M WITH THE RESULT THAT NOW I AM MBA (HR) TOO.     


  1. Very adventurous journey narration.Wish u all the best in future.

  2. Fascinating and motivational...!!! No doubt you are now MBA(HR) :) Congratulations!!!



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