Wednesday, March 14, 2012


When I was a child ,for me life was a absolute fun basically comprising of studies and little bit of entertainment.As i grew old the situation did change a bit..... as responsibilities grew to proove myself worthy in all fields specially in the field of education etc.

Later I realised that we humans are more bothered to proove ourself in the eyes of other people or i can say the society at large ,instead prooving worthy to our own self which is the biggest cause of despair.

What I analyze today is that to live life happily one should make and follow our own rules and thoughts in which we believe because following the path one has made by oneself is much easier than the path laid by other and it always gives a kind of satisfaction which every human seek for.

Living life to our own terms is the biggest clue to live it happily.People will critisize you but then how does that matter as it is much better than critisizing oneself in later stage of life for not doing things which one always wanted to and I have seen people revolting at that later stage in their lives where they put the society at back stage. Then why shouldn't one do the things which one will be going to do definitly in later stage of one's life.

Atlast what I can say is follow your heart and live life to fullest by just believeing in yourself which i think is the most difficult thing to do but not impossible though.    



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