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I saw the first episode of satyamev jayate on Sunday just by chance while flipping  through the channels on my TV set which led me to star plus on which this programme was being aired and was being hosted by Amir Khan.
Indeed it is a worth while topic to discuss publically but I was taken aback that why this issue is being handled and raised by a male why not by any female till date in the manner it is brought in focus by Amir Khan, that we all are so very Ga Ga about it .The crux of the situation is that we females still do not have guts to do something for our own group. There are indeed so many social groups who work for the upliftment of the females in the society and there head being a female, so many female page 3 personalities  are also joined with social work and activities but surely that is all for fame and to project that they are doing great things and just to gain publicity. Useless indeed!

Actually what I feel is that females are a bit fraud creatures created by the supreme power. We talk about our empowerment but when we don’t possess power within ourselves how can we be empowered, it is just not possible.

Take any case of abortion of a girl child being done in our society it is basically because of the mental psyche of female in the family be it a mother in law or sometimes the mother in itself.
Man can be handled  and convinced very easily be it any issue, in general or specific ,  I believe, but the problem lies mainly with the thinking process of females.
We don’t support each other well .Take any issue of the present society be it differences with mother in law and any other female on in-laws side,  extra marital affairs,   killing of a girl child in the womb of a mother, I believe females only are not determined to support their own breed anyhow or in any case for that matter.

I am not an anti female element but somehow I’m disgusted with the general and specific attitudes of females. We don’t raise our voice to support ourselves as a group but we always try to behave in a very indifferent and selfish manner in various streams of life and in various roles we paly.

I support female foeticide, if that girl is not welcomed in the family and society wholeheartedly, if the birth of that girl child forces the mother to conceive endlessly unless she delivers a boy and in turn increasing the liabilities on the family and on the society as I have seen number of times in the poor families where the mother has 5/6 children or may be more and among all these children the youngest is the boy.  
So my take is that before raising this sensitive issue we should try to first educate the women and change their general stingy attitude towards their own breed, then only it is worthwhile to give birth to the girl child in this world which is not worth living as it is but still for the sake of animal instinct to just be able to propagate our own species.

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