Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hearts connected.......

Today it was 10th of September and I was invited by children of my school to celebrate Teacher’s Day .Though it was belated but in our school it was celebrated today as on 8th of September school hall was occupied so it was instructed to celebrate it today.

Anyways, but today it was just entertainment, entertainment, and entertainment. It was a total thrill for the children and pleasure for all the teachers. FOR ME IT WAS AN IMMENSE JOY TO FEEL connected to the children in such a special manner. As a class teacher of class ninth I was invited by the kids for the cake cutting ceremony in the morning which was a total surprise for me. I was amazed to see the efforts, kids had put in to decorate the classroom in an awesome manner and my hands became full of cards and gifts with each gone by second.

Kids are so full of life and innocence , they are so pure ,without any  expectations they just do what they feel ,all is from the heart and one can feel as each and every heart beat of theirs’was felt in my heart I can just say that. ......... So heavenly feeling which can’t be described certainly......., AND HERE I WOULD LIKE TO SHARE FEW CLICKED PICS ON THIS PARTICULAR DAY.......

 my class,my students PRIDE.....


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