Wednesday, October 31, 2012

You know life is beautiful….. Off Late I have realized …though a bit late but not an issue…….Earlier I used to think that people whom I love a lot are responsible for my personal happiness as I was confused between the actual bond existing between happiness and love …….. I think both are separate entities and cannot be linked together by any means.
Life teaches you a lot with the passage of your life graph….. Sometimes lessons taught are bit difficult to understand at that particular moment but later most of us realize that it was good, it actually enables you to progress in your life in a much better and easier way.
Emotions are always good to nourish…… but in a much practical manner I think. Some people often say that emotions and practical approach never go hand in hand but I think they confuse us and often I have seen and met people who say that they are very emotional …….bullshit…. they have the most practical approach towards life and relationships. But thanks that I came in contact with them as now I have fine tuned my emotional and practical transmission from my brain and my heart!
Today I am sitting in my school, bit free as exams are going on and today is a preparation break for the children …so got little time to rejuvenate my writing skills and post something on my blog.
Coming back on the track, nowadays I am feeling very relaxed and happy, free from all the clustered confusions, enjoying my life in my own little ways.
Many people suffer in life as they are confused to great limits …..searching for Love and Happiness outside .....not possible as it is very much within ourselves and we can possess it very easily…. but it should be justified and eternal as wrong doings also give us happiness as we say that we enjoyed that particular moment but it is not true as it(happiness) was and is very very momentary  .
People actually dream a lot which I feel should be restricted to only those areas which make you grow not to those aspects which drag you behind in your life or which bother you in some or the other way.
What I feel is that Self Dignity is most important aspect in any situation and in any case. Self is One thing which I love now a days as my Self is one thing which always gives me a hint of what is right and wrong………. doesn’t matter that  sometimes I don’t listen to it in few matters but never mind……!  
I actually need handful of people to make me survive for another few years….. MY MAA ,MY DAD, MY SWEET SISTER ,BUNNY ,BUDDY, GUDIYA MAUSI AND OFCOURSE…. (MY HUBBY….. by default).

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