Saturday, September 21, 2013


The mind is in itself; quite a complex problem. It seems to me that it is very
important to understand the process of our own minds.
When we see something very beautiful we want to possess it, we want to hold on to it, we want to call it our own and in that very process of holding, the thing that one’s we enjoyed is gone because in the very holding there is dependence, there is fear, there is exclusion and so the thing which gave joy is lost and life becomes enclosed.
We are seeking because in us there is such deep dissatisfaction may be with the society/family/our own self and we want to satisfy to go beyond this gnawing discontent that is destroying.
Thought must function naturally and normally. Sorrow cannot be ended through thoughts. Understanding comes when the brain is quiet.
One must leave all those Must and Must Not’s. Our thoughts and responses are conditioned by the values which society, of which we are part, has imposed upon us. We have hardly any independent thoughts and feelings. When they do occur they are mere reactions which are therefore not free from the established pattern, for there is no freedom in reaction…………
Intelligence is much greater than intellect for it is the integration of reason and love. Only love and light thinking will bring about true revolution, the revolution within us.
All our conflicts, all our ambitions are very small, very petty. The clever ones want to forget themselves so they begin to invent, to have extra ordinary beliefs, the stupid ones want to forget themselves and so they follow people, gurus who tell them what to do.
So all of us as we mature, as we grow older want to forget ourselves so we try to find something greater with which to be identified.
Understanding pleasure is not to deny it but not to bring thought to it. We do not know the significance of life as long as we are copying, imitating, following.So the first requisite is freedom and not seeking the purpose of life.
What is the significance of life? We ask this question when we are in chaos, uncertain .When we say that the purpose of life is to be happy, surely that desire to be happy is an escape from life. Reality can be understood only in living not in escape. When we seek a purpose of life, we are really escaping and not understanding what life is…It is essential to be free from fear. When we are completely uncertain, then only is there no place for fear and envy. 
I have seen the monks, snayasis the nuns the people who escape from life. How frigid, how hard, how virtuous, living in tight discipline. They talk everlasting about love and inwardly they are boiling, their desires never fulfilled, never understood, they are dead beings in a cloak.
And we know how the religious teachers and others have said that we should be desire less ,cultivate detachment which is really absurd because desire has to be understood not to be destroyed. If we destroy desire we may destroy life itself.
Self improvement is progress in sorrow, not the cessation of sorrow.
Relationship is not dependency. In relationship the primary cause of friction is oneself, the self that is the centre of unified craving.
If you have opinion about me and if I have opinion about you how can we have any relationship..It exists when it is free, when there is freedom from this image formation.
If we observe what makes us stale in our relationship is thinking, calculating, judging, and adjusting ourselves. And the one thing that frees us from that is love, which is not a process of thought. When there is no love, we invent marriage. Love that exploits, uses and feels sorry cannot be love because love is not thing of the mind.

So as long, as there is sorrow  ,conscious ,unconscious, with in mind, there is no quietness of the mind, no stillness of the mind .It is only a mind that is capable of loving, that will know what it is to live peacefully.     

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Is it difficult to forget a person whom you loved once.......very intensely.
Sometimes it seems to be very easy and handy, getting over it just  looks to be in reach but
the task is not that easy as it seems like and is quite abstruse even if the other person is least bothered about us.
Why we in general are always in dilemma what to do to be in close proximity  to that soul for whom our heart aches not very often but in extreme situations may be once in a blue moon time but that desire makes us cry from your heart and soul and one can see a sad gleam in our eyes and you just want to be that person anyhow but life is extremely simple and is equally complicated.
I generally wonders how can a person forgets or avoids the other person even
knowing that particular person loves him/her madly and badly and very intensely.
Whatever the social obligations are why can't we live our lives
why can't we love someone for whom our heart beats
why can't we do what we want to
why can't we take a rough way out
why cant we ,...........
I feel these lines are too apt for the situation
tune jo na kaha main woh sunta raha
khwamkhaan bewajah khwaab bunta raha....,.,,,,

Thursday, June 6, 2013

One’s it ours?

Sometimes I feel that we take birth to just get controlled in one way or other ... .Who lives....
As a child we are controlled by our parents in many ways without being analysed, without being understood, we are just made to follow the path which at that particular time was either meant for us or not we did not know.
As we grow up other relationships take control of us ...sacrifices done ...not appreciated, adjustments if done .......give birth to more expectations, we being controlled and if not than life takes a dramatic turn where we cease to live and start to just survive deceiving ourselves in every damn pretending to be  happy, neglecting the issues which bother us the most ,running away from realities, hurting near and dear ones in some way or other , finding faults in other people without any rhyme or reason and punishing that person too for the same and realization for truth ...gone for a six.
Most of us don’t live we just pretend in every possible manner that we are good, happy, enjoying life, satisfied, free, and blah blah...
But the truth is completely different, which we generally are aware of but don’t often admit and this situation keeps on dragging us on a path on which we never want to walk....anyhow!
One thing which is there, is an invisible leash tied around our necks which is been just pulled by someone or other and we are being dragged on a path which is and was never made and meant for us ever. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013



Doing whatever we have done, we are will continue to get what we have got. So to live wisely and happily question the way of doing we have been following.
One should learn to question our actions.

 Pause, stop, and take a relook at what we’re doing and don’t blindly follow what we think are our values or what we are doing and do not allow yourself to be blindly led by others.

We are so involved with our pattern and therefore we end up without true fulfilment.
That is why we need to question any and every action

The urge to be secure creates more insecurity and chaos. Can one see this deeply?
The “self” if we go little deeper we will understand that it is nothing but our thought.

Thought is an expression of memory, thought is conditioned by conclusion, dogmas, opinion, likes and dislikes.
Thought, therefore is not free for it is bound by its concisions and dogmas and hence the self is not free. This bound “self” creates disorder and chaos. If one sees this totally and non- verbally then intelligence will be born and that will end the egoistic self. We will begin to become aware of the higher self i think.



What really matters in the end......? How well did we love, how fully did we live and how deeply did we let go?”

All the three are golden rules of wise living. Life goes on inexorably and before we can comprehend and appreciate its functioning and profundity, it is time for our exit.

Desire for wealth, power and fame never seem to be satiated, leading to discomfort, discontent, frustration and inner turmoil. The beauty of life remains untapped and life just passes by in mindless pursuits of desires.

We have compelling propensity of dwelling in the past and brooding about the unseen future, thereby neglecting the present.

Past is a graveyard and the future, inscrutable. We need to abnegate them fully, only then can we siege the golden opportunities of the present and move on in life.

Largely our behaviour and beliefs are the result of mental conditioning. Our mind gets conditioned by our previous experiences with people and events and accordingly forges opinions which, with time, ossify into convictions.

We need to sincerely let go our prejudices, grouses, biases, anger, jealousies via reconditioning of our minds.

 Undoubtedly, wealth in certain measure is required for comfortable living. We do not have to abandon wealth. What we need to give up is our greed and possessiveness for material objects. We need to relate to them with mental resignation. They should be a means for life not for life itself.

Similarly we should let go of our attachments. Attachment is essentially a selfish love.

Replace attachment with love which is pure and altruistic. Love does not claim possession but give freedom. So just think and live.    


Time flows; no one can stop time.

One should do those things that give us deep satisfaction .That’s living a meaningful life. Just money will not give us a real satisfaction.
Besides, cultivation of more compassionate attitude will give us genuine satisfaction.

There is too much of stress. The more educated we are, the more expectations we have (and others have of us), our hopes and fears too are intensified because of memory and intelligence.
We should use our intelligence in such a way that it is a source of happiness not aggravator of anxiety or stress.

Real happiness comes from within and not from money and knowledge. Pay more attention to common experience, common sense and then go deep inside the mind and realise that compassion brings us all what we need.
Whether or not we believe in life after death ,this life should be something meaningful for us , the way we spend time should make us feel genuine satisfaction...


There are two main aspects of human pursuits....wealth and enjoyment.You chase wealth
and once you acquire it you wish to enjoy it.

The whole world is frenzy chasing after enjoyment.The more you indulge the less you enjoy.The way out is mindful,regulated contact with sense objects.
So the thrill of sense enjoyment does not diminish. Your honeymoon with life never ends.

Attachment is a root cause of all conflicts.Attachment springs from a deep sense of insecurity.When you are not self sufficient you need support..Your closest relationship become conflict ridden.... so attachment is not an option .

The way out is detachment or" true love'' expectations., no demands...
Insure yourself in, by investing in higher thoughts keep the company of good people , enlarge your circle of love and constantly reflect on the distinction between the  permanent and impermanent aspects of life....... and move to the state of infinite bliss   



All of us complain at one time or another. But there are some people who complain, regardless. Complaining is a way of life ,one does not stop cribbing where ever we are ,whatever we are doing, or whatever is happening to us, we keep on complaining.
Nobody understands me, nobody appreciates me, nobody knows what I’m going through, nobody cares, nobody helps.......

Those who complain constantly do not wish to take responsibility for themselves and their actions. Ask them why their goals are not accomplished, and they will come up with excuses.Their energy and intellect is so focussed on finding faults that they cannot focus on achieving their goals.
One should stop focussing on all that is wrong and focus instead on all that’s right ,stop cribbing about what we don’t have and look instead at what’s there for us,lets appreciate people for what they are .
When we criticize and complain we invite negativity in our lives.Our imagined ills become our reality.But the reverse is also true.
When we talk positive success actually begins to shape for us.Positive emotions like Love and Gratitude enhance our strength.
Become less a complainer and more a thanksgiver, then our problems will get managed.

So why not invite good things in our lives,as the acknowledgement of past blessings seems to be the activation of new blessings..........


Monday, March 25, 2013

Another PRECIOUS GIFT from my maa.......

फिर जन्मदिवस आया तेरा,तू नन्ही गुडिया हो जाती
मैं खोल पोटली यादों की, जाने कब उनमें खो जाती

सूने एक गलियारे में, गूंजी जब तेरी किलकारी
पहचान मैं अपनी भूल गयी, जाती तुझ पर वारी वारी

माखन मिश्री तेरी बातें,सबका तू लाड सबका तू दुलार
भोली नटखट सी परी मेरी, तुझ में माँ पापा का संसार

छोटे छोटे नटखट करतब, नानू तुझसे करवाते थे
तू सहज इशारे करती जब, सब भौंचक से रह जाते थे

गुल्लक तो छोटी थी अपनी, पर दौलत भरी हज़ारों की
जब गोल मोल छोटी आई, सावन की मस्त फुहारों सी

चंचल चितवन और मंद हंसी , लायी कितनी ही सौगातें
होते सारे दिन सोने के, और चांदी की लगती रातें

तुझसे ही रंग हैं जीवन में, तू ही मेरी संचित थाती (थाती = खज़ाना)
अब शब्द खो गए हैं जैसे, क्या चाहूं मैं कह पाती

बीते पल लौट नहीं पाते, मैं क्यों उनमें भरमाती हूँ
तुम दूर नहीं पर दूर बहुत, नादान समझ पाती हूँ

असीम प्यार और दुलार के साथ
तुम्हारी माँ


listen to this lovely song! ENJOY
Tommorow is my B'day  as usual this day comes every year and goes too ......... no great shakes ....but one thing which i love most are the true feelings and love of my maa in the form of excellent  poetry which actually makes me wait for the next year...... this time it goes like this.....

 वह थिरक-थिरक आई जिस पल, आकृति लेती आशा मेरी
पल भर में बदल गयी जैसे, जीने की परिभाषा मेरी !!

इस मन के सूने कोने में, रुनझुन-रुनझुन सी होने लगी
वह हंसती तो में हंसने लगी, वह रोती तो में रोने लगी !!

हर तार मेरी उम्मीदों का झंकृत सा हुआ नूतन स्वर से
बोझिल-बोझिल से थकते कदम, उसके संग संग चले फिर से।

 छोटे-छोटे झीने-झीने तारों का ताना बाना सा
वह छूट गया भूली सब कुछ बस आगे बढ़ते जाना था
पथरीली राहें सरस हुई, ज्यों मंजिल खड़ी नज़र आये
पाने को जैसे कुछ शेष नहीं, यह सोच सोच मन हर्षाये।

 वह शक्ति-पुंज, वह ओज रूप, सामर्थ्यवान है ना भूले
इस आस में मैं जीती जाती वह आसमानों को छू ले।

मन चाहे उसे वह मिल जाए, जिसके तो लिए वह क़ाबिल है
बस नज़र हुलस के उठा देख, तुझको तो यहाँ सब हासिल है।

 जो शेष रहा है कुछ अब तक, में उसके लिए सब कर जाऊं
उसकी ख़ुशी की ख़ातिर तो में उस रब से भी लड़ जाऊं।

 जीवन की डोर बंधी उससे जाने ये कैसा नाता है
कब नील गगन में कट जाए एहसास यह मन में लाता है।

 उससे तो इतर में कुछ भी नहीं फिर दूर कहाँ जा पाउंगी
तुम नैन मूँद देखा करना , मैं मंद-मंद मुस्काउंगी।

--असीम प्यार और दुलार के साथ

तुम्हारी माँ


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