Monday, March 11, 2013


It was the winter season, exactly speaking, the month of January 2013 and I was at my mother’s place enjoying my winter vacations. Staying with Mom and Dad is an absolute bliss but sometimes I used to get bored as there was nothing much for me to do. So one day I called up my sis at Delhi and asked her to plan a small trip and we (myself, sis and two of her friends) all agreed for Jaiselmer.

On 23rd I caught a passenger train from Aligarh as that was the only option left for me that day as I had to reach Delhi the same day and we all have to catch a train to jaiselmer.

Travelling in the passenger train, which was absolutely full of people, is an experience in itself and I think it shows you the bitter realities of this life and world in some sense. Blessed are we who enjoy basic needs of life and live in so much of comforts, by the grace of God.

Anyways I reached Delhi at 12 pm where my sis greeted me with a warm hug .Then we enjoyed Mc D burger and finally boarded the train at 5 evening. Next day morning we reached jaiselmer .The city is not very big so we caught an auto and headed towards MES IB, our guest room which is just 4 km away from the railway station.

After reaching there we all sat together and planned for the next two days .We found an address of a travel agent ,spoke to him and finalised the programme which included a trip to desert, camel safari , visit to lake ,jain temple, 4 famous havelis and jaiselmer fort.

All together it was a nice trip with loads of fun and masti and visit to desert and watching sand dunes, having rajasthani food and the special entertainment programme organised for the tourists  is what I loved  the most.

Three days just flew away and we boarded the train on 26th of Jan back to Delhi. It was altogether a nice trip where we enjoyed and just enjoyed.




  1. Nice narration.Deserts have a charm in them selves.Rajasthani food is so tasty.Nice to receive your post after a long gap.



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