Tuesday, April 9, 2013



Doing whatever we have done, we are will continue to get what we have got. So to live wisely and happily question the way of doing we have been following.
One should learn to question our actions.

 Pause, stop, and take a relook at what we’re doing and don’t blindly follow what we think are our values or what we are doing and do not allow yourself to be blindly led by others.

We are so involved with our pattern and therefore we end up without true fulfilment.
That is why we need to question any and every action

The urge to be secure creates more insecurity and chaos. Can one see this deeply?
The “self” if we go little deeper we will understand that it is nothing but our thought.

Thought is an expression of memory, thought is conditioned by conclusion, dogmas, opinion, likes and dislikes.
Thought, therefore is not free for it is bound by its concisions and dogmas and hence the self is not free. This bound “self” creates disorder and chaos. If one sees this totally and non- verbally then intelligence will be born and that will end the egoistic self. We will begin to become aware of the higher self i think.


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