Tuesday, April 9, 2013


What really matters in the end......? How well did we love, how fully did we live and how deeply did we let go?”

All the three are golden rules of wise living. Life goes on inexorably and before we can comprehend and appreciate its functioning and profundity, it is time for our exit.

Desire for wealth, power and fame never seem to be satiated, leading to discomfort, discontent, frustration and inner turmoil. The beauty of life remains untapped and life just passes by in mindless pursuits of desires.

We have compelling propensity of dwelling in the past and brooding about the unseen future, thereby neglecting the present.

Past is a graveyard and the future, inscrutable. We need to abnegate them fully, only then can we siege the golden opportunities of the present and move on in life.

Largely our behaviour and beliefs are the result of mental conditioning. Our mind gets conditioned by our previous experiences with people and events and accordingly forges opinions which, with time, ossify into convictions.

We need to sincerely let go our prejudices, grouses, biases, anger, jealousies via reconditioning of our minds.

 Undoubtedly, wealth in certain measure is required for comfortable living. We do not have to abandon wealth. What we need to give up is our greed and possessiveness for material objects. We need to relate to them with mental resignation. They should be a means for life not for life itself.

Similarly we should let go of our attachments. Attachment is essentially a selfish love.

Replace attachment with love which is pure and altruistic. Love does not claim possession but give freedom. So just think and live.    

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