Thursday, June 6, 2013

One’s it ours?

Sometimes I feel that we take birth to just get controlled in one way or other ... .Who lives....
As a child we are controlled by our parents in many ways without being analysed, without being understood, we are just made to follow the path which at that particular time was either meant for us or not we did not know.
As we grow up other relationships take control of us ...sacrifices done ...not appreciated, adjustments if done .......give birth to more expectations, we being controlled and if not than life takes a dramatic turn where we cease to live and start to just survive deceiving ourselves in every damn pretending to be  happy, neglecting the issues which bother us the most ,running away from realities, hurting near and dear ones in some way or other , finding faults in other people without any rhyme or reason and punishing that person too for the same and realization for truth ...gone for a six.
Most of us don’t live we just pretend in every possible manner that we are good, happy, enjoying life, satisfied, free, and blah blah...
But the truth is completely different, which we generally are aware of but don’t often admit and this situation keeps on dragging us on a path on which we never want to walk....anyhow!
One thing which is there, is an invisible leash tied around our necks which is been just pulled by someone or other and we are being dragged on a path which is and was never made and meant for us ever. 

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