Sunday, August 25, 2013


Is it difficult to forget a person whom you loved once.......very intensely.
Sometimes it seems to be very easy and handy, getting over it just  looks to be in reach but
the task is not that easy as it seems like and is quite abstruse even if the other person is least bothered about us.
Why we in general are always in dilemma what to do to be in close proximity  to that soul for whom our heart aches not very often but in extreme situations may be once in a blue moon time but that desire makes us cry from your heart and soul and one can see a sad gleam in our eyes and you just want to be that person anyhow but life is extremely simple and is equally complicated.
I generally wonders how can a person forgets or avoids the other person even
knowing that particular person loves him/her madly and badly and very intensely.
Whatever the social obligations are why can't we live our lives
why can't we love someone for whom our heart beats
why can't we do what we want to
why can't we take a rough way out
why cant we ,...........
I feel these lines are too apt for the situation
tune jo na kaha main woh sunta raha
khwamkhaan bewajah khwaab bunta raha....,.,,,,

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