Saturday, September 21, 2013


The mind is in itself; quite a complex problem. It seems to me that it is very
important to understand the process of our own minds.
When we see something very beautiful we want to possess it, we want to hold on to it, we want to call it our own and in that very process of holding, the thing that one’s we enjoyed is gone because in the very holding there is dependence, there is fear, there is exclusion and so the thing which gave joy is lost and life becomes enclosed.
We are seeking because in us there is such deep dissatisfaction may be with the society/family/our own self and we want to satisfy to go beyond this gnawing discontent that is destroying.
Thought must function naturally and normally. Sorrow cannot be ended through thoughts. Understanding comes when the brain is quiet.
One must leave all those Must and Must Not’s. Our thoughts and responses are conditioned by the values which society, of which we are part, has imposed upon us. We have hardly any independent thoughts and feelings. When they do occur they are mere reactions which are therefore not free from the established pattern, for there is no freedom in reaction…………
Intelligence is much greater than intellect for it is the integration of reason and love. Only love and light thinking will bring about true revolution, the revolution within us.
All our conflicts, all our ambitions are very small, very petty. The clever ones want to forget themselves so they begin to invent, to have extra ordinary beliefs, the stupid ones want to forget themselves and so they follow people, gurus who tell them what to do.
So all of us as we mature, as we grow older want to forget ourselves so we try to find something greater with which to be identified.
Understanding pleasure is not to deny it but not to bring thought to it. We do not know the significance of life as long as we are copying, imitating, following.So the first requisite is freedom and not seeking the purpose of life.
What is the significance of life? We ask this question when we are in chaos, uncertain .When we say that the purpose of life is to be happy, surely that desire to be happy is an escape from life. Reality can be understood only in living not in escape. When we seek a purpose of life, we are really escaping and not understanding what life is…It is essential to be free from fear. When we are completely uncertain, then only is there no place for fear and envy. 
I have seen the monks, snayasis the nuns the people who escape from life. How frigid, how hard, how virtuous, living in tight discipline. They talk everlasting about love and inwardly they are boiling, their desires never fulfilled, never understood, they are dead beings in a cloak.
And we know how the religious teachers and others have said that we should be desire less ,cultivate detachment which is really absurd because desire has to be understood not to be destroyed. If we destroy desire we may destroy life itself.
Self improvement is progress in sorrow, not the cessation of sorrow.
Relationship is not dependency. In relationship the primary cause of friction is oneself, the self that is the centre of unified craving.
If you have opinion about me and if I have opinion about you how can we have any relationship..It exists when it is free, when there is freedom from this image formation.
If we observe what makes us stale in our relationship is thinking, calculating, judging, and adjusting ourselves. And the one thing that frees us from that is love, which is not a process of thought. When there is no love, we invent marriage. Love that exploits, uses and feels sorry cannot be love because love is not thing of the mind.

So as long, as there is sorrow  ,conscious ,unconscious, with in mind, there is no quietness of the mind, no stillness of the mind .It is only a mind that is capable of loving, that will know what it is to live peacefully.     

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