Tuesday, September 30, 2014



I become quite surprised that people judge other people based on the work they have done in the past or based on their own opinion based on their likes and dislikes. One really can’t do that as life is a process of change and evolution. People grow and learn.

Sometimes in life we reach a point where one does not want to go ahead with anything in one life. I think it is at this precipice that what kind of  person you want to be and that is when you discover yourself, you take yourself out of that equation and start focusing outwards, conquer your mind, which keeps saying ‘NO’ and you try to push yourself forward.

Ask yourself….what can I do about it right now/how can I make my life better and the answers come .Do every single thing that you don’t feel like doing .Every single thing that you do not feel like doing. Every single thing you don’t feel like doing….do it. Mental muscle is a fantastic aspect if you form a blue print in your head. Just start thinking that there is nothing that can happen in my life that will affect me negatively. Believe that even the most disastrous thing can only put you down for not more than 10 minutes. There will be a point in a life when the model of your world may change and you may not be able to see the way forward. Because you have been looking at it in a way that you have been trained to look at it.

You have grown up with a philosophy of work hard, gain success has a family and that is equal to happiness.

But the model breaks and you have to realize that you have to be happy first and all the other things will follow.

Love should never disempower you. If you are loyal to anything in your life, it could be your career or to a person, it pays back no matter what. Don’t fear Being Human.

All our life we close ourselves and try to protect ourselves too much, so much so that one turn into being this Nice Person….There is a big difference between Nice and Good person. A nice person will be nice to be every one …why? Because that person wants everyone to like him/her as he/she thinks that he/she has so many flaws and she/he is not good enough and does not have any self esteem or self worth so he/she has to be nice to everyone as he/she wants to love or like him/her.

Nice people always suffer all their lives as they will be pleasing other all the time and will tire themselves completely. A good person has his/her self worth, does good for everyone but will never please. He/she is there to go good to everyone and does the right thing.


Sunday, September 21, 2014


To be needed is a strong human compulsion in those who look outwards for validation.

One of the toughest things to do when you love someone is to set them free. Love is clingy and self absorbed; there is nothing instinctive about trusting the one you love; you may cultivate such a trust. Jealousy, possessiveness and need to control are natural outcomes of the depth of emotions aroused within you. You wish to have as much sway on the life of the one who affects you in such an all consuming manner, as they do on yours.

A natural tendency is to create deep seated needs in each other. To be needed by others is one of the most driving compulsions of humans; it is a part of searching for a purposeful life.

However, we all know people who claim to trust their loved ones and boast of the space they accord their spouses. I do not think these people are any less possessive, loving or less jealous than others.  They are probably more mature and understand that if they do not allow that space, they are likely to lose those to whom they cling with such obsession. A close hue is reassuring, a very tight one, choking. Time spent together is magical and precious but there comes a stage when you need to let the rest of the world in.

If you accept the fact that people will move on and relationships will change, no matter how hard you try, you are better prepared for the inevitable...

The difference is that creating that need is not a motivator.It is more important to be useful rather than needed.  


The Law of Attraction deals with you and your desired object. The law states that if you visualize and strongly think of any object or opportunity, then that object, and the opportunity will both come to you. Whatever thoughts you put out, will be returned to you in kind. It is a belief that likes attract likes. This belief is based on the idea that people and their thoughts are both made of pure energy and that energy attracts energy. The Law of Attraction has a larger connotation. The moment you think a thought, the thought becomes a reality.

Thoughts are like seeds. Some seeds give fruit within weeks and some, after several years. The moment you entertain a strong thought, nature starts its work. When totality is working to fulfill that thought, we change that thought and create a new thought. Thereafter totality again starts working on new thoughts. If you keep changing your thoughts there will be a total chaos in the plans of Nature. Therefore before you entertain a thought, please filter it through your intellect and then pursue your desire. Similarly when you entertain a strong thought nature starts its function. But because of our impatience when we discard that and entertain a new thought, again totality starts functioning according to our new thought.

If you keep on entertaining different types of thought, the whole system will hang. Therefore, understand that thoughts are like seeds, they will take their own time to germinate, sprout and produce fruit.

Don’t be Impatient….

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Tranform suffering into peace


Most of us do experience life as suffering.
 In situations related to a significant loss- of a loved one or a job- our suffering seems irreparable. However suffering and peace are two sides of the same coin, a thin line separates the two.
One can transform the suffering by starting with realization that happiness is a conscious choice. While bouts of suffering can be paralyzing,we always have the choice with in us to transform it, based on how we respond to it.
Cultivating compassion dulls the sharpness of the painful experience.Such compassion necessitates being judgmental,more emphatic, more forgiving and less of perfectionist, if we can avoid judging people and instead learn to be more accepting of our self as we are, we feel less anxious.
A famous saying goes like-The wound is the place where the light enters you.... instead of perceiving ourselves and others as imperfect,relating to everyone as unique creations of a perfect universe allows us to be more at peace with our reality. Further, choosing to help others who may be suffering from similar circumstances supports this inner transformation.
Inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions. Be brave , be happy.


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